Top Tech Skills to Land a Job in Facebook

Top Tech Skills to Land a Job in Facebook

Facebook is a highly regarded tech company and it would be a dream come true for many to land a job here. It offers incredible benefits like a pre-tax stipend for dependent care, wellness reimbursement, programs to help with autism therapists, cancer care, transgender services, and much more. With all that is going on in the world, it’s the perfect time to pick up an online course or enroll in a coding bootcamp to learn some of the skills that employers such as Facebook are looking for.


User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designs

Facebook has many online platforms. Therefore, it is a must to have user-friendly and intuitive designs. That’s the job of a UI and UX designers—to provide users with what they want and need, even before they do. UI and UX designers typically conduct research to understand user’s demands and design products that not only cater to them but will be easy to use.

Experts in this area can work as designers, researchers, and product designers. Facebook has more than 20 open positions like research manager, UX researcher, product designer, Ux and foresight strategist, and more. UX researchers, for example, are expected to guide research throughout the product life-cycle from early-stage generative research, through iterative concept or prototype testing, and post-launch measurement.

You can learn more about UI and UX designs with an online course like the one Springboard offers. The intensive program will groom you to be career-ready in just six months and if you don’t get hired within six months upon graduation, the school will refund the entire tuition fee. 

Graduates from Springboard see an average salary increase of $26,000 annually. The school also offers multiple financing options like upfront payments, monthly payments, deferred tuition plan, and Climb credit loans. 


Mobile Development

Mobile developers are the professionals who create, design, implement, and maintain mobile apps—either for Android or iOS. Facebook is not only in charge of the Facebook mobile app, but also Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, and other platforms. That is a high amount of work that can easily translate to teams of thousands of professionals. 

Facebook currently has 18 open positions for mobile development like product designer (Whatsapp), lead character artist, survey methodologist, and many more. It expects its mobile developers to have more than four years of experience in designing, building, and shipping quality mobile apps across a variety of platforms and form factors.

General Assembly offers a variety of programs in web and mobile development. Students have the flexibility to take the courses in short or long-form, full or part-time, in-person, or online. General Assembly offers many financing options that include a catalyst program to pay after you graduate, payment plans, discounts for women, or be sponsored by your employer. 

Quality Assurance

People in this expertise are trained to test existing software. It is a crucial aspect of operations to ensure all mobile apps are capable of offering a good experience to users. Quality assurance engineers or specialists test the software for bugs or any other error, and as the name suggests, they make sure all the products comply with the quality levels set by the company. 

There are 15 open positions at Facebook in this area including optical module quality engineer, quality program manager, engineering quality analyst, and many others. For example, as a camera quality engineer at Facebook, you are expected to work with the camera engineering team and purchasing team on the supplier selection, process audit and monitoring in-camera suppliers, and proactive quality monitoring system setup for the purchased optical parts.

To be a quality assurance engineer, you can first learn the fundamentals of software engineering. Hack Reactor offers in-person or remote software development courses. Its graduates have an average salary of $90,000 per year. The school also offers Income Share Agreement (ISA), upfront payments, and loan financing options. 

In Summary

Start working toward your new career now and there’s a high possibility that you can land the job of your dreams before the year ends. Almost all bootcamp courses have a duration between two to six months. Most schools offer multiple financing options that will allow you to start building a tech career. If you’d like to work at a tech giant like Facebook, start researching to know more about UI and UX designs, mobile development, quality assurance, or any other tech specializations you may be interested in. 

Last updated on July 17, 2020


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