Is Remote The Way To Go With Your Business?

Is Remote The Way To Go With Your Business?

Recent events have seen a lot of people barred off from the usual offices and workplaces. While some want to get back to daily life, some recent polls show that a majority of people are actually embracing some of the changes that have come with the recent pandemic. One of those is that they want to break free from the office. Both companies and employees are seeing the benefits of remote working. 


If you’re in that camp, then here are three tips you can implement to help you plan the move to a whole new kind of work culture.

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Help employees get into the remote mindset

There is a new set of skills that comes with remote working, just as there is a set of interpersonal skills essential for office life. For instance, your employees must be able to motivate themselves to some degree and to set their own work schedule. You can set clear expectations with objectives and KPIs, but you can also help them better manage their workload with tools like the Prioritization Matrix. Offer them the productivity tools that let them better organize their working day and offer them some freedom on when and how they work. It might take a little time, but once they find their most productive time and habits, you can get much better results from them.

Ensure you have the tools to get your work done

Can you do all of the same work at home as you would do in the office? This is the major question for a lot of businesses. Those who have been working remotely on a temporary basis may find that they lack the tools needed to do all of their work. However, with the help of a specialist like Levit8 IT Solutions, you can potentially find the Cloud software solutions that you might be missing. More and more software is getting a Cloud counterpart, and there are those that can even help you build the Cloud-based tools and online platforms you need for everyone to get their work done from home.


Communication, collaboration, and accountability

Ensuring that your team is getting their work done, and getting it done in the most efficient way means that open and frequent communication must be ingrained into how they work. For instance, you can have them use team communication software that centralizes all IMs and conversations in one easy-to-track place. Furthermore, you can mandate that each member of the team has a shared diary where they update their recent achievements and what they spent their day doing. However, to ensure better cohesion and comfort with collaboration, face-to-face meetings are essential. As such, making use of tools like Zoom video conferencing can be of great help to your business.

Remote working will not suit every business and every employee. However, it does suit a lot of them, especially those that get the majority of their work done using digital technology. Take the tips above and see if they help you discover the road to going remote.

Last updated on July 17, 2020


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