Tips to Creatively Market ‘Boring’ Industries

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When looking to market any sort of industry even one that may be classed as a ‘boring’ industry then it is best to be as creative as possible. This may seem a ‘tall task’ with the less interesting industries but it is achievable if you know how to go about it. Creative marketing is all about making a business stand out in order to grab attention and increase interest in the industry and the products or services being offered within it. 


Here are some tips to help you hone your creative marketing, while still keeping a professional and serious business ethos.

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Enticing Information

Just because you are marketing an industry that may be ‘boring’ it does not mean the marketing can’t create excitement and a buzz. A lot of the time you will be marketing to people who are already in this industry – or have an interest in the industry. Thus, it is likely they will have some idea of what they are seeing. However, if they are outside the industry looking in, you need to try and create some excitement to hold their interest. 

Industries that can be deemed as boring are usually information based, industries like the insurance industry, for example, can seem daunting with all the information within it. Insurance is not widely understood and is a bit complicated for the average consumer to digest. You can, however, make it more exciting by keeping the marketing simple. One strategy is answering questions already within your marketing that you know will be asked. This tactic allows potential customers to get all the information they need from the marketing. 


Setting the Tone

With creative marketing, a lot of it can be about the tone you are setting. Things like creating humor within your marketing can help to make it more inviting, approachable and less ‘boring’. However, going too far one way with humor can make your marketing less appealing. With healthcare insurance for example, humor can be tricky to communicate. That’s why you need to find the right balance. Using inside jokes within the industry that you know people watching or reading would understand can help to make your marketing more creative. Using jokes that insult or cause a negative emotional reaction will back fire.

Keep it Relevant

Relevancy is key when it comes to creating a creative marketing strategy to fit a certain industry. When you are trying to connect with someone and make them interested in your industry, you want to ensure they are able to gain a further insight into the industry in question. This can be done by using facts or doing questions and answers about a key topic within your industry. Make sure that the content you are putting out, such as videos and images, is linked to what is being marketed, but are also interesting and make an impact. It’s far too easy to go off on a tangent when marketing and end up over generalizing the content in order to reach a bigger audience. However, this is not something that you want to do as you could end up losing solid clients and customers who have a deeper insight into the industry. 

Hopefully, these tips can help you to market what would be classed as a ‘boring’ industry in a more creative and exciting way.

Last updated on October 21, 2020


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