Can Businesses Reach Out To A Broader Audience?

Can Businesses Reach Out To A Broader Audience?

There is no denying that, for businesses, reaching out to a broad audience is a crucial growth factor. The more people know about your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you! If you assume that all a business needs to grow its audience is a large online presence and multilingual functions, you will need to adjust your strategy. Indeed, engaging with a large audience group requires strategic adjustments. There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to your audience. Individuals vary in age, needs, location, and interests. 


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Have a Communication Plan for Each Audience Group

Age is a significant differentiator when it comes to your audience groups. For instance, children will require a simple language that encourages them to ask their parents for assistance. Ask your mom and dad to add the super chocolatey dino-bar to your lunchbox. 

Teenagers and adults will not kindly see the use of patronizing language in your communication. As for elderly customers, they don’t want to feel left out. However, communicating with seniors also requires adjustments. For instance, your language should be relatable, and use references they understand. Based on the average age of social media users, describing a product as Insta-worthy, for instance, will make seniors feel excluded. Another common mistake is to assume that seniors can’t make decisions and direct communication to their children. While seniors may not be tech-savvy or active anymore; many are independent and modern-thinking. 

Can you Customize some Products/Services?

Personalizing products and services is a no-brainer. Small fashion brands, for example, can offer personal embroideries to add a name or a meaningful phrase to simple designs. This could increase sales dramatically! But what many businesses fail to see is that the option to create individual patterns as part of the production means that you can also reduce waste. Indeed, 3D printing, for instance, can let you replace broken parts easily – you can learn more about on-demand printing here. For customers who don’t want to throw away an item because of one damaged part or need slight modifications to make it work for their unique situation, offering the option for ad-hoc repair or customization, can support multiple needs.


Start Reading your Audience’s Minds

You may be one business, but your audience consists of a variety of minds, opinions, and interests. The biggest mistake a company can make is to assume what potential customers want and need. If you’re going to read your audience’s minds, do it the proper way with smart market research tools. With over 430 million active users, Reddit lets you dive into subreddit organized by location and keywords. The perfect marketing tool for those pesky content pieces! 

How About your Payment Strategy?

Everybody pays differently. Did you know that German customers prefer to use bank transfer payment, even for online purchases? On the other hand, Paypal, credit card, and Bitcoin are also popular payment methods around the world. Embracing payment diversity, based on your audience preferences, can mean offering different options depending on their locations and needs. 

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Using Influential Figures Has Proven To Work

Many startups and established businesses alike have benefitted from using influential people to promote their products and services. Using celebrities to promote has always been a thing, but the likes of Instagram and Facebook (and other social media accounts) have bred a new form of promotion. Influencer marketing has taken the business world by storm and is worth trying if you have the right idea and the funds to do so. Whether you need a skincare influencer for your skincare product or a sportsperson for your equipment, it’s worth a go because it’ll likely result in success. 

In conclusion, there is no such thing as one broad audience. Each audience group is different, and if you’re going to get noticed, you want to embrace and respect those differences, in your communication, production, market research, and transaction strategies. Don’t go broad and big, but instead, go granular and segmented. 

Last updated on December 23, 2020


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