Tips for Helping Your Parents During The Pandemic


As the months pass, it is challenging to think of new and innovative ideas to help my parents cope with the pandemic. We have not seen each other for almost a year which is the longest we have ever gone. Typically we travel to see each other several times per year. We plan our trips around holidays, birthdays and special family events. And either I go to see them or they come to Michigan to see me. In this post I share my tips for helping your parents during the pandemic.



It is important to find a good method for communications. We have tried Zoom calls, phone calls and recently started FaceTiming each other. My mom seems to like regular phone calls and I check in with her every few days. My dad likes to Facetime and has gotten really good at it. I love hearing from them and am so proud of them for figuring out to Zoom and Facetime.

Send Care Packages

No matter how old you are, it is always fun to receive a care package in the mail. With the Fab Fit Fun Box, you can subscribe your parents to a box each quarter. You just pick your first product and for $49.99 each season your parents will get a box filled with 8-10 full sized, premium products valued at over $200. It’s a fun way to keep in touch and send a curated box of goodies on a regular cadence.

Help with Groceries

Shopping for anything during the pandemic has become difficult with the shipping delays, uncertainty about the safety of the supermarket and shortages. There are a couple of solutions to helping with groceries.

One is to subscribe to Shipt. Shipt Everyday is an annual plan that gives you unlimited same day deliveries with orders over $35 at a number of stores. For example, in my area Meijer and Target deliver to my home. Where my parents live, Publix has recently joined Shipt. And my membership also allows me to deliver to my in-laws and my daughter. A Shipt membership is a deal at only $99 per year. Sometimes, Shipt runs specials such as for the holidays you can give the gift of Shipt of 50% off.


The other option is to order meals delivered through a company such as Home Bistro. Home Bistro offers restaurant quality, freshly prepared meals delivered right to your parent’s door. And the meals accommodate most dietary preferences from vegetarian to paleo to heart healthy.

I am staying positive about the pandemic and always thinking of fun ways to keep in touch with my parents. Until we can travel again, I am planning to incorporate these tips. I hope you will share your comments on how you are making it work during the pandemic.

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