The Beauty Of Sobriety

Healthy Skin

If you think that alcohol is something that you absolutely need in your life, then think again. It turns out that quitting has all sorts of health and beauty effects that you never imagined possible. Here’s a rundown: 

Your Skin Improves

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Alcohol is terrible for the skin. Over time, it dehydrates it and forces it to lose its elasticity. It can also make you look red and puffy if you’re someone who’s particularly prone to facial swelling. In fact, many dermatologists say that alcohol intoxication is the number one way to age the skin. If you want to look old before your time, go to the bar every night. 

You Lose Weight

You’ll also notice that when you come off the alcohol, you start to naturally lose weight. A glass of wine contains around 200 calories which, surprisingly, is about the same as an American donut. If you were to drink a whole bottle of wine plus a couple of beers, you could easily be looking at more than 1,000 calories in a single sitting, enough for you to pile on the pounds quite quickly. 

Once you come off the alcohol, though, it’s a different story. It becomes considerably easier for you to maintain your weight. 

You Get So Much More Energy

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Alcohol is a toxin in the body that the liver has to remove as quickly as it can. If it didn’t, you’d remain inebriated around the clock and wouldn’t be able to function. 

The problem is that scrubbing alcohol from your system is an exhausting process. The body has to expend a lot of resources to do it. The process leaves you feeling tired and drained, the common symptoms of a hangover. 

People who successfully complete treatment in American Addiction Centers report feeling so much more energy afterwards. While coming off alcohol is difficult, particularly for those with dependencies, the result is an enhanced ability to face the day. You don’t feel dragged down by the drinks that you had the night before. It’s a totally different experience. 

You’ll Look Younger

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Imagine if you could take a pill and look younger pretty much overnight? Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on that. However, you can get a similar effect by cutting out alcohol. Once you quit drinking, you’ll notice that the way you look and hold yourself changes dramatically. 

People, for instance, will comment on how good your complexion looks. You’ll also notice things like your rosacea will start drying up and that your eyes look clearer and brighter once you stop drinking. The weight loss helps too, making you slimmer, like you were when you were younger. 

You’ll Be Able To Afford A Swanky Gym

Lastly, when you think about the cost of all the alcohol you drink in a month, it soon adds up. The amount you’re spending will easily equal a membership at a swanky gym. 
Now think about: what would happen if you replaced your drinking habit with gym sessions instead? The effects on your health could be dramatic.


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