Taking Your Vacation Time is Healthy

Taking Your Vacation Time is Healthy

A large percentage of people are not taking their vacation time. The reasons for this are unclear. Studies show that 64% of people say they are “vacation-deprived.” But taking a break from work is actually very healthy. You can improve your mental health and increase your productivity by taking some off from work, school or caregiving. Whether your reasons are financial, fear of the pandemic or health related, there is a vacation for you. Read on to learn how I used my time off this year.


Rent a Cabin

In January, my family and I rented a cabin on the St. Clair River in Port Huron, Michigan. It was a last minute decision to get away before my kids started classes for winter semester. We stayed a couple of nights in a pet-friendly house and really enjoyed it. Although many of the restaurants were closed for dining in, we ordered carryout and cooked some of our meals. Since the cabin had a fireplace, we made a fire and played board games one night. During the day we made big breakfasts and read or went for walks. We were able to watch the freighters go by out the back windows. It was fun to use Boat Nerd to learn where the freighters were coming from and where they were headed.

Visit Relatives

Since we are all fully vaccinated, we were able to visit relatives in Florida. I love the Gulf of Mexico and being near the water. Living in Michigan, the winters get long and I miss the sunshine. Walking is one of my favorite forms of exercise and is safe and easy on the bike path in Boca Grande, Florida. I also like to take golf cart rides with my parents and watch the sun set in the evenings. Getting away on a beach vacation is a healthy way to recharge your batteries.

Plan a Staycation

This summer, my husband and I planned a Staycation in Detroit. For his July birthday, I reserved The Handlebar Detroit and invited a group of his friends and relatives to ride with us. It was such a fun evening! We had drinks first at the Detroit Shipping Company, then rode the handlebar and had a great tour of downtown. After our ride, we went to Founders Brewery for food. We had always wanted to stay at the Westin Book Cadillac so we stayed there for one night. If you do not have a lot of time off, you can be a tourist in your own town. Use Viator to help you plan your staycation.

Take a Road Trip

If the thought of flying during the pandemic does not appeal to you, you can plan a road trip. Many people either are not vaccinated, or do not feel comfortable flying at this time. Some prefer not to sit in a mask for the duration of their flight. My husband had some time off in September and we debated at length about where to go. After some research, we decided on a road trip to Kentucky. Even though the weather did not cooperate and some of the places we wanted to see were closed due to the pandemic, we had a great time and got lots of rest. We saw some historic sites such as the Mary Todd Lincoln home and Henry Clay’s Estate. And we visited a bourbon distillery. Because our grandfathers both loved to go to the race track, we went to a race track to see a horse race. Because we were in horse country, we also toured Keeneland which was so interesting. The week went by fast but we were so happy that we got to see some things and take a break from our jobs.


The possibilities are endless. But don’t let your vacation time go to waste. In many cases, it is “use it or lost it. Plan a getaway. You will happy you did.

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  1. Michelle Gast

    Great suggestions. There’s nothing better in the world than vacation time! Renting a cabin sounds heavenly.

  2. Nora T

    great post love these tips and I love road trips they are so necessary!

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment Nora. Yes, we love a good road trip.

  3. Anke

    Great Post! I think sometimes when it’s time to go on vacation people get stressed about the work that will be getting behind on and then when they are on vacation they just want to stay at home! Some great ideas in your post

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