Small Businesses Pivot Marketing During Pandemic

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As the pandemic continues, small business are constantly having to adjust their marketing plans. From restaurant closures, to changes in hours and services, running a business has changed and will continue to change. Marketing and communications professionals are pivoting to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace. This post outlines tips and real life examples of what strategies small businesses are using to be successful today.


E-mail Marketing

Digital marketing using an e-mail address list has become a staple for small businesses such as restaurants, fitness centers and golf clubs. The need for direct communication with customers about hours, mask requirements, capacity limits and service changes remains a top priority. Companies like Tailwind have brought digital marketing into reach for a lot of companies that didn’t think they had the resources or skill sets to accomplish it. The tools are easy to use and even help you track your success with reporting and analytics. Get started right away with professional looking, branded materials delivered right to your customers on your schedule and as your business demands.

Social Media Marketing

Because it takes multiple modes of communication to reach today’s customers, social media marketing remains at the top of my list. My restaurant and fitness clients use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to announce hours and services. And during times when these businesses have had to close, social media allows the opportunity to keep their name out there. As far as best practices, I find that using a social media planner helps to keep track of what I post as well as which platform I posted to and when.


While the U.S. mail has had its limitations in the past year, there is some use for it in certain industries. One of my clients is a golf club and sends members invoices monthly through the mail. The members look forward to receiving the paper invoice along with flyers advertising the month’s events. Given the capacity limits on restaurants, members need to make a reservations and events quickly fill up. Special events such as Valentines Day Dinner and Mother’s Day Brunch are promoted with flyers inserted in the monthly mailers.

Small businesses are learning to work smarter not harder. In order to be successful, it is important to try multiple means of communication. In addition, develop a marketing plan to keep you on track. Don’t be afraid to try digital marketing with a company such as Constant Contact. Let’s build a community by sharing our stories and best practices in the comments.

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  1. It’s clear that small businesses are really being impacted during Covid and having to adapt to make the most of this really unusual time. Some great info here, I’ll be passing this on to friends who will benefit from it. Thanks for sharing!

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