Simple Ways to Boost Your Social Media Profiles

Any business owner today knows the importance of social media. You can use it to keep your audience engaged and active, sneak a peek at your competition, and even broaden your customer base – so why aren’t we focusing more on social media in business these days?

Boost your Social Media Presence

Here are a handful of ways to improve your social media accounts so that you can increase your visibility. You won’t necessarily start a lot of engaging conversations right away but at least you’ll have a solid foundation for building your brand up and driving it forward in tandem, with your business.

First: Find the middle ground

Anyone who has ever been in contact with an overly active social media profile knows just how annoying it can be. Endless updates about nonsense, intrusive posts every hour of the day, and a social media manager who seemingly has nothing to do can make your business appear much worse than it actually is.

Similarly, you don’t want the profile to stay too quiet either. Nothing makes your business seem less successful or more ready to close its doors for good than a profile that hasn’t uttered a word in several months. Or even worse, not even having a profile.

One of the most important things you can do is, therefore, to make sure that you’ve found the middle ground between too talkative and too quiet in order to make the most of your business.


Next: Work with others

Another factor to consider is whether you are making use of your friends and partners to boost that profile – and maybe make a few new friends through social media as well. Bloggers and influencers, in particular, can help your profile out a lot and boost that domain authority as they will be able to put some cross-references out there on the web for you.

The more links and references you have pinned to your profile and business website, the better it’s going to be for business. It is, after all, called social media for a reason and you need to work your networking skills in order to make the profile as representative of your business as possible.

Many blogger use a service such as Tailwind to help schedule posts and pins. Tailwind is a huge time saver and is a great way to boost your followers and get likes. I find it is well worth money in the time and effort it saves me.

Use engaging photos

Finally, everyone loves great pictures online. Try to post engaging and fun pictures of your business regularly, get your audience engaged right from the start, and enjoy watching those comments roll in. Instagram is particularly great for this, by the way, and you’d want to make sure that you’re using the appropriate platforms for each profile.

If you manage to do these simple things for your social media game, you’re definitely going to benefit your business as well in the long run. And if you can’t do it yourself, hire someone who can!


Last updated on June 23, 2020


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