Simple Ways Employees Can Stay Healthy at Work

Health is wealth, and that is never more true than when it comes to health in the workplace. If you have an accident at work or get an injury or strain meaning that you won’t be able to work for a little while, then the phrase ‘health is wealth’ really does take on a different meaning. Small and everyday things are going to be hard when we are unwell or struggle with health conditions or ailments over time.


When you work most hours of the day, then it can be easy to justify that you just don’t have time to do the things that could help you to keep healthy. This can be one of the biggest complaints for working professionals, so here are a few things that you can do regularly to make sure that you can stay as healthy as possible when you’re busy working.

Eat Well

When you eat well throughout the workday it can be a big benefit to you in a number of ways. First of all, it can help you to have the right vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to be healthy and to fight of any sickness or illness. Second of all, it can help you to have the energy that you need to get through the working day. Whole foods rather than refined foods will allow you to have plenty of energy, and then work better and be healthier.

Drink Water

When you’ve got a busy day in the office or working from home, you can get pretty absorbed in the work that you are doing and one thing that you might forget about is drinking water. Staying hydrated helps you to have energy and stay more alert and active, which is going to help you in your working day.

Move and Stretch

The workplace these days is one of the most sedentary places that you can be. And if you sit at a desk for too long or haven’t moved around for a while, it isn’t going to be good for you. If you have an occupational health team to oversee what you are doing, then it can make a big difference. If not, it might be worth looking at somewhere as they deal with care from injuries in the workplace. It could be that you just have bad posture as a result of being at a desk all day, or perhaps something worse. But moving as much as you can and taking time for stretching or something like yoga is a really important thing.


Limit Caffeine

It can be easy to have a bit of a coffee culture in the office, where you go to the machine often and ask for one when colleagues are heading up that way too. But too much caffeine isn’t going to be good for you, and any energy that you think it might give you is only short-lived. It can be addictive too, so best to limit or avoid where possible.

Last updated on March 29, 2023


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