Simple Steps to Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview

Virtual Interview

For the past couple of years, I have done a lot of interviews virtually. Because of COVID-19, many employers are conducting interviews online. And as we move into another wave of the pandemic, we must become comfortable with the fact that this practice is the new normal. If you are job searching and want more information about job interviewing, read on. I have landed two jobs through completely online interviewing, and you can too.

Research the Company

In many cases, people send resumes to multiple companies in the hopes of landing an interview with one. That is OK, but once you schedule an interview with a company, the next step is do your research. Perform a Google search on the company and learn as much as you can about them. Check their social media feeds such as Twitter and LinkedIn to find out current topics impacting their business. Lastly, visit their webpage and search for any Press Releases or current topics. Document your findings in a notebook or planner and make notes about questions you can ask during your interview.

Dress for the Job

While it is true that you are at home doing an interview, that does not mean you should show up in pajamas. You must still dress the part. Put on jacket and work clothes. Doing this will help get you in the mindset for conducting an interview of a company for whom you want to work. I often wear a loose-fitting knit jacket and jewelry from Talbots because their style is most in keeping with the style I wore to the office before the pandemic. Find a business look that works for you and invest in a couple pieces for interviews and key meetings.

Do Your Makeup

You may not wear makeup on a normal workday. But for a virtual interview, you need makeup. The lighting often makes your skin look tired. Visit a cosmetic counter at a department store and ask for some tips. At a minimum, check out the Clinique website and pick out some moisturizer and the Ready in Five kit. I like the highlighting stick in the kit and the red gloss brightens my whole face. Mascara is the last step and then you are camera ready!

In closing, preparation is the way to success. The more interviews that you do, the better you get at them. Keeping a simple routine for prep and not over thinking is the best way to get started. Set your intentions and get your head in the right place and the rest will follow. Good luck!

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  1. My husband has been doing a lot of these so all but the make-up tip are really useful for him (but he could definitely make sure to shave and moisturize, etc). Thanks for these useful ideas!

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