Safe Golf in Michigan During Pandemic

Safe Golf in Michigan During Pandemic

As a public health professional, I am well versed in staying healthy during a pandemic. After sheltering in place with my family for several months, I am starting to get out of the house a bit while staying safe. Since gyms are still closed here in Michigan, it is challenging to find ways to stay active. One of my favorite activities is golf. It is no surprise that public health experts say golf is one of the safest activities during the pandemic.


Touchless Golf During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Most of the golf courses in Michigan are open for play now that summer is here. If you plan to play golf during the pandemic, you should keep some things in mind in order to stay safe and healthy. First, wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitizer when you can not wash your hands such as on the golf course. Second, practice social distancing. Social Distancing on the golf course is the best way to avoid transmitting virus to others.

  1. Make a tee time
  2. Keep at least 6 feet apart from others
  3. Only one golfer on the tee at a time
  4. Only one golfer on the green at a time
  5. Do not mark or touch other player’s golf balls
  6. Putt your ball until you finish
  7. Do not touch the flag stick.
  8. Do not gather or congregate on the course or near the carts

Bear in mind, rakes and ball washers have likely been removed for your safety. If you hit your ball into the sand trap, do the best you can to make minimal foot prints.

Golf Carts

The rules for golf cart use have changed several times during the course of the pandemic here in Michigan. At first, carts were not allowed and many people chose to use pull carts on the course. Then carts were allowed for people with disabilities only. Currently, carts are allowed and must be sanitized by golf attendants prior to and after each use.

Food and Beverage Service

Some courses offer food and beverage service and others do not. If you are unsure, please call ahead and ask when you make your tee time. The course I played yesterday was offering food and beverage service to be ordered through an app and picked up at the pro shop. They also had a beverage cart which came around with cold drinks and snack foods such as chips and candy. When dining onsite, look for placards keeping diners a minimum of six feet apart. Expect paper menus or the option to scan a QR code to review the dining options.


If the restaurant does not have paper menus, be sure the staff is sanitizing the menus after each use. Although not ideal, it is a good way to reduce transmission of the virus.

Lastly, enjoy your time outdoors and savor the opportunity to unplug for a few hours. You will be glad that you did. We will get through this pandemic together and have fun doing so.


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