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As you may know, I had surgery on my foot a couple weeks ago. And this week, I had an important meeting in the office to attend. Many of the attendees travelled from out state for the meeting. So I needed to pack for a day in the office. Because I still can not put weight on my foot, and I have to bring my entire workstation due to our pandemic work place rules, I needed to think ahead to bring all the items I would need for a day at the office. This post describes my items and contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission on any sales through these links.


Rolling Laptop Bag

First of all, I had to get a bag that can hold my laptop, headsets, charging cord, and mouse. My workplace does not allow us to leave anything in our workstation as the end of the day. This rolling laptop bag is my choice. It is stylish, compact and easy to pull over all the surfaces I cross in my workday from parking lot to carpet.


My workplace used to have a cafeteria and working water fountains but since the pandemic began, those are now closed. If I am spending 10 hours in one place without coffee or water, I need to bring my own. Be sure to pack a water bottle and a travel tumbler filled with your favorite coffee.

Meals and Snacks

Sometimes I go into the office to attend an all day meeting and meals and snacks are provided. But often, I am working a regular day and need to bring my own food. Packing a light snack and a lunch works best for me. Using a a meal preparation delivery company such as Home Bistro, it makes it even easier. You can pack your leftovers from the night before and reheat them at the office for lunch.


Since I can not leave anything in my cube at the end of the day, packing a small cosmetic bag of toiletries is helpful. I like to have things like lip balm, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, disinfecting wipes, and a face mask. As far as office supplies, I need a few pens, my planner and a notebook.


I hope you will make your day easier by planning ahead and packing your stuff for the office the night before you go. You will be happy that you did. Add your tips in the comments.

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