Managing Your Team Remotely

So much has changed in our world in the past few months. Many of us are working from home often in our jeans. In addition to our work tasks, we are managing cooking, cleaning, sanitizing, caring for others and homeschooling. It can be stressful to handle all of this every day. If you are a manager, you may be wondering how to support your team and also assure their productivity. This post has some helpful tips.


Make Work Awesome

Your team is going through many if not all of the same things that you are experiencing. After all it’s not business as usual it’s business in unusual times. The best thing you can do is to listen your employees and then deploy resources and information immediately. If meal prep is a stressor, give the gift of delicious healthy meals with a Home Bistro gift certificate. You team will be grateful for a night off of cooking and you can even eat together as a team on a video chat if you wish. Eating and meeting is a great way to recognize your team and get a little face time with them in these isolating times at home.

Maintain a Routine

It has been said time and time again during this crisis, that maintaining a routine is crucial to productivity as well as sanity. It also helps with setting boundaries for you and your team. You should not expect your employees to be accessible and available 24/7. Use a calendar – whether digital or paper. Set up office hours and let them know the best time to reach you. Ask your staff and your family members to do the same for you. Some people are most productive early in the morning while others are getting their kids ready for their homeschool assignments or using their laptops for a school zoom call in the morning. Talking about a routine is important so that everyone feels calm and collected and able to get their work done while balancing other needs of their household.

Celebrations are Important

Loneliness is a serious challenge for remote workers but now more than ever, we need to be aware of feeling alone. For this reason, celebrations are more important now than ever before. Every day is a reason to celebrate so pick one and party. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or Administrative Professional’s Day, honor it and celebrate it in a way that makes sense during this pandemic.

Last updated on June 24, 2020


  1. Great tips here. Being productive while working at home is always a challenge especially now. If you always work from home, it’s been easier to adjust to add pressures (I think). If you don’t work from home, this has not been as easy (for most). Your tips will become more important as the pandemic ends and many stay working at home.

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  4. Anu

    Very helpful tips. Especially making a routine and make work awesome is so so important.

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