Little Things That Make a Great Impact on Productivity

Little Things That Make a Great Impact on Productivity

Employee and employer relationships have gone beyond mechanical communication. There is an evolution of interactions in the workplace. As highly skilled employees remain valuable assets, employers work harder to keep them. But tactics to maintain the attention of employees go beyond giving them a raise when they ask for it. Nowadays, there are other ways to encourage them to stay.

More often than we think, it’s the little things that get them to stay and to help your company grow for the better. It’s threatening to hear that people leave the country to find better opportunities elsewhere. Usually, family and familiarity are enough to get them to stay. Other times, it takes more than a familiar environment to get them through a grudging workday. You can also show how much you value them by giving them a gift every once in a while. It’s the quality of life they’re after.

Although it might be costly to give your employees the quality of life they’re after, sometimes little reminders can make a great difference in their outlook. A basket full of goods that they can share with their families, or pouches with toiletries with natural shampoo for hair loss and damage, show that you care about them beyond the workplace. Every time they use that shampoo or munch on those snacks, they’ll be thinking about how much they are valued in their current workplace and by their current employer. Yes, it will cost you a bit extra to keep your employees but here are reasons why keeping them happy is a profitable investment:

1. They’re Trained Employees

As they spend more time in your company, you’ve already spent plenty of funds and work hours training them and optimizing them for their positions. All the training to hone and sharpen the skills of employees is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. This is because 94% of employees will remain loyal to a company that allows them to gain skills through training.

Training the employees while they’re on the job allows them to experience growth while they’re on their payroll. Current work environments focused on growth keep employees on their toes, and they won’t have to look for a challenge elsewhere. Employees won’t feel stuck in a routine because your company is investing in their future skill sets.

2. They Have Experience in YOUR Company

Having key players in the company will make it easier for your company to grow and allow them to lead on your behalf. Trained employees, experienced in the challenges faced by your company, are one of the greatest assets you can have because they’re going to be able to approach their tasks with problem-solving skills that are finely tuned to your company’s goals and preferences.

Employees who have experience in your company will know what it needs to grow and improve. They’ll have ideas of what can be done better and maybe even help to stay on top of competitors. These are employees who’ve developed their professional careers in your company. They will know the ins and outs of what makes the company work and how it can become stronger to survive.

Another good thing about having employees that are experienced in your company is that when it’s time for you to bow out or if another set of directors come in, you will be able to find comfort in the fact that the company will be in good hands. A certain trust is gained towards employees who stuck throughout every hardship that the company has faced.

3. They Can Encourage And Inspire Other Employees

It’s the ripple effect of investing in your employees. Showing your employees how much you value their loyalty is a source of good PR that any boss needs. Any new employee that enters a caring work environment will be encouraged to work harder and to stay in the company if everyone they talk to is happy. Employees will also be motivated to help the company grow if they find that they are hired in a work environment that satisfies its employees, even if they’ve spent less time than the employees you actually invested years of training in.

Showing how you care for your employees in simple ways can improve the overall productivity of your company. You won’t have to hire as many people because the people who are encouraged to stay are the ones who are specialized in their respective responsibilities. The amount of money you spend on onboarding can be better spent on helping employees to grow and other aspects of the company.

There are numerous advantages as to why investing in employees is a crucial aspect of your company’s growth. And it will all stem from one act of kindness not everyone expects.


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