How To Motivate Employees After The Holidays

Motivating Employees

As a boss, you have a lot of different business needs to balance. One of the most important is managing your employees and their performance. According to Tanya Lesiuk, a factor that is becoming increasingly challenging is post-vacation syndrome. The name pretty much explains what it is – people are less motivated after a substantial period off. And it’s not a surprise to leaders that it happens.

However, the side-effects are very damaging, including a drop-off in productivity that leads to a reduction in output. With Christmas behind you, your workforce may be experiencing the after-effects of PVS. But business needs and customer demands do not stop, so you have show your leadership skills and get everyone back to work.

Therefore, the question is – how do you ensure your employees hit the ground running in the New Year and set the stage for success?

Start Small

There’s a temptation to pick up where you left off, yet it isn’t advisable. You have to remember that most people are in vacation mode before they leave for their holidays. As a result, their work ethic might have been lower for a few weeks. Asking them to take on a significant workload will only demotivate them in the short-term, which will have far-reaching consequences later. With this in mind, it’s smarter to begin with small-yet-essential tasks, working your way up to the bigger and more substantial projects. That way, your staff will have time to blow off the cobwebs.

Schedule A Team Meeting

The efficacy of meetings has come under scrutiny recently. Today, modern leaders see them as disruptive because they impact the flow and rhythm of the working day. Still, they continue to be imperative in some circumstances, such as after a long lay-off. Your workers will have questions that need answering, and it’s less efficient to do it one-by-one. In a meeting, you can explain the processes to your staff at the same time so that everybody has the most up to date information. It could take thirty minutes to an hour, yet it’ll save time-consuming questions, especially in the first week back.

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Focus On Work Balance

People are never excited about the fact that they have months to wait before their next vacation. Therefore, it’s essential to provide them with hope as it offers employees something to look forward to down the line. Focusing on a balance between life and work is more than flexible working hours; it’s also about the office’s wellbeing. As Kristen Blake highlights, people can shake off the brain fog with exercise. Offering your employees a discounted gym membership, then, could help them to be more focused and alert inside and outside of the office.

Be Positive

A negative team leader absorbs any motivation the team has when they return. Your workforce is a little down due to the fact they have to work full-time again, so being negative is dangerous. The key is to maintain a positive vibe all year round, but especially after periods of inactivity. The smiles and laughter should encourage productivity because people won’t feel as if they are toiling away for no reason. Instead, they’ll be passionate about the environment, and that will make them happier and healthier.

The New Year is a tough time for businesses. You can make it better by getting your staff back up to speed and setting expectations.


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