Five Tips for Home Security

Home Security

It’s a call that no one wants to receive in the middle of the night. My daughter called to tell me that her security camera caught a man on her deck trying to get in her back door. When the device chime sounded, he ran away. The next night a man was at her neighbor’s door shining a flashlight. Because of this, we are taking security seriously. Here are five tips for home security that you can take right now.


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Get Social

I started Nextdoor in our neighborhood in 1997. As a lead and founding member, I have invited and added hundreds of neighbors to our neighborhood. Nextdoor is a local social network for neighborhoods. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in San Francisco. The reason it is important for security is that you can check what is going on in and around your neighborhood. If there are car break ins or other activity, neighbors will likely be posting about it. For example, in my neighborhood there have been quite a few home and car break ins. Knowing what is happening near you helps you to prepare.

Install Outdoor Lighting

At my house, I have motion lights on my garage and on the back of my house. It is a proven fact that lighting prevents crime. And motion lights are even better because they give the appearance that someone sees what is going on and turned on the light. They startle the intruder and often deter criminal activity. For a small cost, lights give the peace of mind needed to get through these long, dark nights.

Consider Getting a Security Camera

If you can, install a security camera. If you put it on your front door, you can also see what deliveries are arriving. They often have a notification that goes to your phone when you install the app for your device. Many homeowners have them now. A camera gives you peace of mind by allowing you line of sight into who is really at your door on a regular basis. Some of the cameras also allow you to speak through them. And then put up signs that say you have cameras.


Be Neighborly

When someone new moves into your neighborhood, make it a point to get to know them and their family. Not only is it the neighborly thing to do, but it also helps you to know who belongs there and who does not. Exchange phone numbers with your neighbors too. Write the information down in your planner and keep it where everyone in your household can see it, If something does happen, you will have a way to get in touch. And let your neighbors know if you are going to be out of town or away from your house for a long period of time.

Lock Your Doors

It seems obvious, but you would be surprised by how many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Leaving your car parked in your driveway with the doors unlocked, leaving your garage door open with the entry doors unlocked, leaving windows open or unlocked are all bad habits. With so many people working from home, I think people are in the habit of just leaving everything open and thinking I am at home why does it matter? If you are on calls all day with headsets on and the door closed to your office, you are not going to hear someone come into your house. Even if you are just leaving to walk the dog, you do have to lock your house up.

I hope you will find these tips useful. We all need to keep our homes and neighborhoods safe. And lastly, if you see something, say something. Be safe!

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  1. I live in an apartment complex so can’t add or change much about the building/area myself but these are some great tips for general security. I think there are so many more things we can do now to ensure we keep our homes a safe haven; thanks for the reminder!

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