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Love yourself

Everyone deserves to fall in love with themselves. We focus on so many flaws on ourselves, but our biggest flaw is actually our brain. It leads us to think so many different things about ourselves, and about the people around us that we really shouldn’t. It ends up throwing out so much judgement, and it can often be so harsh to itself. The more time you spend focusing on all of the things you don’t like about yourself, the less time you’re having to spend enjoying yourself! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone has little faults that they don’t like people to know about, so you don’t have to feel like you’re the only one! So, if you know you spend more time worrying about yourself, rather than falling in love with yourself, then you’re in the right place. We want everyone to feel the love, and we really do think it starts with you. So, have a read, and love yourself a little more.

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How To Be Happy

We must admit, some people just don’t know how to be happy. All they can focus on is the negatives in life, and this can lead to such trouble sometimes. Some people go into depression because they just can’t see the happiness around them. If you feel as though you’re not in love with yourself because you’re just not happy in life, change some things around. Think of all of the things that you don’t like at the minute. Whether it be your job, your bills, your lifestyle etc. All of the things you can possibly think of can more than likely be changed easily. Rather than always viewing things as a negative all of the time, focus on turning everything into a positive. You also need to think about how your mind works, and what you think of situations. Because for some people, it is not the fact that they have so many problems going on in life, it’s more the fact that they just think of everything as a negative, when in fact there’s nothing wrong at all. We’re sure you all have that one person in your life who does this!?

Solving Some Minor Issues

If you’re not in love with yourself because of the way that you look, then there are some simple ways that you can solve some minor issues. The first thing people tend to notice on a person is their smile, which makes one of the first things we’re so self conscious about, our smile. Some people have the issue where part of a tooth has broken off from a hard sweet or piece of food, and some have the issue where their teeth just don’t line up right. Whatever issue you have, there’s a solution for you. You can get same day crowns, invisible braces, teeth whitening services. You name it, you can probably get it. Some people really have issues with their own bodies as a whole as well. You know when you’re scrolling through social media and all you seem to be able to see is super slim girls? Well, it can lead to some major body envy. If you know you want a better body, just hit the gym with a friend. It’s so much easier to workout when you have someone beside you, and you have a goal in mind.


Don’t Pass Judgement

You definitely shouldn’t pass judgement onto other people. Think about all of the insecurity that you have, and now think about how you would feel if everyone else was thinking it as well. Or worse, imagine if you were to be walking with a friend talking about something to do with another person you can see, and they heard you. Imagine how that would make them feel for the rest of the day, or even weeks. Or if you can’t imagine that, imagine how it would make you feel to hear someone say the things about you that you’re insecure about. If we all want to love ourselves, we have to start with loving each other, and that is only done by accepting that everyone has insecurities and that we shouldn’t judge!

Love Yourself!

You definitely do need to find a way to love yourself. It’s so important that you’re able to focus on you in life, and become the best version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be. So many people focus on the daily grind of life and getting through it, rather than focusing on the things that matter most.

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