Don’t Let Medical Conditions Slow Your Business Attitude Down


There are tons of great people in the world of business that continue to turn heads with their accomplishments. However throughout history some of these people have had to cope with medical conditions that you think, would slow them down some. There are stories about CEOs that have continued to work on even though their bodies were deteriorating. They didn’t tell anyone, at least not in public so when they pass on in an untimely fashion it comes as a shock. But this is why they are so loved by consumers and industries alike because they didn’t allow their medical complications to slow them down. However it’s certain that they didn’t do this alone because they would have had the best that the medical field can offer them to help them with their health. No they weren’t superhuman, they just had medical equipment that helped them to continue working hard. If you have such a condition that you’re thinking of quitting or selling your business, then you should think twice.



Don’t let nerves get to you


As a leader, being articulate is almost like a currency. You have to be engaging to your employees and to your clients. Speaking in front of people at conventions and conferences is nerve-wracking at times. However something else that doesn’t help is being vitamin B-12 deficient. What happens when you are, is that your nerves literally start to slow down and do not communicating properly with your brain. Neurologically, there are some impasses and electrical signals do not get down to your limbs as quickly or with as much authority. You’ll notice that it’s tough to curl your fingers and toes when you are B-12 deficient. This makes one look a bit stiff on stage, so you can take B-12 injections that are either administered by the doctor or you can store them at home. These will give your system exactly what you need and your full range of motion is back.

Infection in the abs


An abdominal abscess is much like that in the mouth. It’s a rupture in the lining of your abs, and due to an infection while the would was open, an abscess forms. This can cause a lot of pain in your stomach, abs and in your core. It can make it difficult to sit or stand, which means the daily business of your enterprise will grind to a halt. However with various supplies for catheters you can drain the fluid from the abscess at any time. Doctors will sometimes use catheters to fight a serious abdominal abscess. Draining the fluid stops pressure from building up, potentially causing organs to fail, and also keeps the infectious fluid down to a minimum. This can mean that you have to wash the catheter multiple times a days before but it will help you feel completely normal and able to do all the necessary legwork for your business to succeed.



In business it’s not always a case of only the strongest will survive in the physical sense. You can be more mentally tough than physical and end up on top almost every time. Don’t allow a medical condition to stop you from growing and expanding.

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