Do You Have Degenerative Desk Posture?

While office workers might seem like they have it good compared with construction or warehouse workers who literally put their lives on the line, recent years have proven that the desk isn’t quite the safe space we once thought. Studies have emerged as office work comes to the business forefront. These studies revealed that sitting for even just three hours a day can reduce lifespans by as much as two years. And most office workers well exceed that! 


That’s worrying, and it’s an issue that countless companies are attempting to address with desk workouts and more. Indeed, simple awareness of this issue has led many of us to adopt healthier office habits. But, all other efforts might not have the desired effect if we don’t also consider desk posture. 

Sitting, alone, is often the riskiest part of an office worker’s job. Forget heavy machinery; sitting wrong could open you to everything from cancer to diabetes and beyond. With that in mind, you’ll likely want to compliment those exercise efforts by also asking yourself – do you have a degenerative desk posture? Some sure signs that the answer is yes include the following unhealthy habits. 

The curse of slouching

Much as we all know that it’s better to sit up straight, your fourth hour of the day could easily see you slouching back. You’ve been working hard, after all, and there are no more clients due in for the day. What’s the harm? Well, quite a lot, as it happens, when you consider that this is the ultimate poor posture sin. As well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (yes, really), slouching for extended periods can put untold amounts of strain on your spinal discs. This could leave you needing to seek sciatica pain treatment and even take time off with severe back pain. And, it’s an issue you can altogether negate by sitting up straight all working day long. 

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Does your chair hang low?

The height at which you keep your office chair is, obviously, a personal preference. But, did you know that this, too, can cause issues? A chair that’s kept too low can lead to neck and eye strain, as well as the office-worker’s curse of carpal tunnel. That’s why, in an ideal world, you should keep your chair high enough that your computer screen is at eye level, and your hands are slightly raised from your keyboard for better support at all times. 

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Should you really cross those legs?

Crossing your legs at work can be the comfiest seating option, but that comfort is hardly worthwhile at the cost of your health. Yes, we’re afraid to say that cross-legged seating is another no-go. That’s because, as well as harming your chance at perfect posture, sitting like this for extended periods can cause circulation issues, as well as increases in blood pressure. And, given that these can lead to the worst possible office health complications, it’s far better to just plant your feet firmly on the ground as recommended by the best.

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