Could You Be Doing More To Promote Your Business?


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Don’t get us wrong; we aren’t saying you aren’t putting any effort into promoting your business. You would be foolish not to. But where do your efforts lie?

There all the usual marketing strategies you should be implementing, but it is possible to go beyond them.

So, within your social media marketing, there may be social networks you haven’t considered. Facebook and Twitter are the popular channels, but there are new social media avenues available which could be utilized to promote your business. Sure, not all of them will stick; your attention might sometimes be better spent on the networks that guarantee a huge audience, but it’s still worth researching what else is available to you.

When you are promoting your brand name, don’t assume you need only stick your logo and slogan on your website or business cards. You can brand almost anything, from the car you drive around in, to customized return labels when sending out your products. Then there are pens, pencils, caps, t-shirts, badges, and more. Get your brand on anything, and then take your brand everywhere you go.Having lunch in a diner? Leave a pen on the table after paying your bill. Going to a trade event? Ensure you and your team are wearing your brand name. Driving around town? Slap your car with branded decals to attract the attention of passersby. Where you are, there your brand is also.


Take advantage of the media, and do something that will attract their attention. A product launch is the typical way to create a headline for yourself, but there are other things you could do to highlight your business. You might host a charity event, create a publicity stunt, nominate yourself for a business award (or ask others to do it for you), sponsor an event, or write an impassioned blog post that raises issues on a topical matter. By doing any one of these things, you will hopefully gain media attention, though you can contact them yourself if they are slow on the uptake. Fame and possible fortune await when your business is highlighted on the television, radio, or through print and online news media.

Talk about your business to everybody, above and beyond your usual marketing ploys and networking meetings. When you are on the bus, mention your business to the person you are seated next to. When you are with family and friends, make the effort to get your business into a conversation. Talk to your nearest neighbors. And encourage your team and regular customers to do the same, offering them incentives to promote your business both on and offline. You can talk about your charitable donations to organizations like Child Foundation OFAC. You might give your team member a day off, for example, and a hard-working customer a discount, if they attract new customers to you. Word-of-mouth marketing is free, so ensure you take advantage of it, sharing information yourself, and getting others to promote your business for you.

Rep your brand physically

If you’re trying to expand brand awareness, then you should be doing more than basic marketing, you should be attempting to enhance the recognition of the brand across the board. Attending marketing events, running pop-up shops, and taking advantage of opportunities for visibility is key. You can do this by giving away branded swag, by wrapping your car in branded vinyl, or by using printable HTV to have you and your team rep the brand through your clothing. Wherever you can get eyes on the business, take that opportunity.

There is always more you can do, be that through traditional marketing means, or by implementing out of the box thinking when looking at ways to promote your business. Get together with your team, explore ideas together, and then work hard to get word of your business out there. Success will surely follow.

Let us know what you think and share your marketing ideas with us in the comments section.

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