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Blog For Business

With every business nowadays, a blog is an essential part of the plan. Why? Because quite simply it’s your voice speaking directly to your customer. Everyone from plumbers to social media influencers blogs and in this article we take a look at some of the tangible benefits blogging will bring to your business and how to get started in the blogosphere.


Your Voice, Your Place 

Creating a blog isn’t just about talking to customers as mentioned up post, it has many more benefits. Why, for example, would you need to talk to customers in the first place when they’re happy to buy your products or services?

The answer is that blogging creates a more organic appeal. Your customers will certainly respond to advertising, direct mail outs and so forth but a customer who reads your top tips on marketing a business on a budget in your latest blog, begins to build a relationship with you and your business. You and your advice become a trusted source of information, somewhere to go to again and again when they’re looking for their next project. Blogger Woman
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Regular, good quality blogging is also a great way to getting noticed by Google. By carrying out some research into your keywords (the words customers use to find your product or service) you can begin to build up a presence online that leads Google straight to your blog when keywords get picked up.

Google is not stupid and its clever algorithms will soon spot a blog or text that’s not genuine but trusted, well used sites are Google’s bread and butter. Sure it’s a commitment but one that’s well worth making.


The best thing you can do is to forget trying to force your blog Google-friendly and just write. With regular, long length articles, featuring your keywords you will make a dent in the Google search. If you find it’s taking longer than you want then do consider outsourcing your blog writing to a professional SEO-writing agency who will turn your blog on Health and Safety courses by EssentialSkillz into a Google ready masterpiece.


Write to length, think around 500-750 words for a daily piece and double that for a weekly blog. Don’t forget to add images that really draw your customers in and write with your specific audience in mind. Add a touch of personal information, proofread your post and you’re all set to go.

When you’ve got plenty to say and the space to say it, a blog is the perfect way to add a little extra to your website. Sit and plan your content for the next few months and draw up a calendar  that takes your customer on a journey into your world. Show them your authority in your industry and establish your name as an inextricable part of your business. See where blogging can take you and your business when it comes to building relationships, trust and finding your way onto the pages of that search engine, once you blog you won’t want to stop.

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