Marketing Your Business in the Digital Age

Marketing Your Business in the Digital Age

Marketing your business is key to getting new customers. But as a small business owner, you may not have time to devote to developing a strategy let alone implementing it. Don’t worry, these tips will get you going in the right direction and help identify next steps.


Social Media Marketing

If you have not started your social media marketing plan, it’s time to move into the twenty first century and do it. According to recent statistics, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe in 2019, up from 2.46 billion in 2017. You can not miss out on placing your business in front of that many people on a daily basis. I advise my customers to pick one platform and develop a profile. From there, begin writing a post per week and share appropriate photos. If you do not have photos, look online for some of the free resources such as Pexels. If you need to outsource social media marketing, find a good freelancer to help you.

E-Newsletter Distribution

A regular e-newsletter is a great way to reach to customers with specials and upcoming events. In addition to announcing news, newsletters allow you to get your business in front of your customers and potential customers. Again, hire a freelancer if you need help coming up with content and distributing it. I use Constant Contact and have helped several of my customers write and publish newsletters. You can try it free with my link.

Start a Brand Ambassador Program

One of my customers, Blo Blow Dry Bar has a robust brand ambassador program. Using an outreach coordinator, they identify local social media influencers and collaborate with them to promote their business. In return, they give the ambassador a blow dry service every other week and ask him or her to post on social media and tag them. This technique has been proven effective by many companies and is a win-win for the business and the influencer.


If you’re looking for great ideas to market your business, then you should definitely focus your attention on search engine optimization in the long term. Search engine optimization, or SEO, for short, is the practice of making sure you rank high in the search engine results pages. Typical SEO strategies include; link building, improving page load speeds, local SEO, mobile optimization, and a whole lot more. If you have a website, you cannot afford to neglect this essential aspect of marketing. 


I hope you find these tips useful. Please use the comments to share tips that are working well for you. Marketing your business in the digital age is a journey not a race.

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  1. Clara Güdelhoff

    I really need to get more into email marketing and maybe find a brand ambassador or two for when my clothing line has a few more items. Thanks for reminding me.

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