Are You Ready For The Realities Of Running A Production Line?

Production LIne

Designing products is one thing, selling them is another. One of the hardest processes for most growing businesses to incorporate is that of manufacturing your products. Here we’re going to look at what you need to put together the production line in order to be the key to your success and the financial viability of any product you want to sell.


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A design you can work with

You’re not going to be manufacturing anything unless you know precisely what the design of the product is and how it is put together. As such, you may want to work with a product designer. However, if you have the skills yourself, use computer-operated design technology to put together 3D models of what the product is going to look like. The product is going to have to go through prototyping and testing to make sure that the realities of the object match the qualities that you expect, in terms of strength, the integrity of construction, and the like, too.

The equipment to manufacture it

You can either hire a ready-made factory to help you put your product together, or you can choose the equipment that you need to make it. What equipment you need, be it CNC machines, laser cutting machines, an air blower, or otherwise, you should partner with a supplier. Ideally the supplier can help you understand which machines best fit your needs. Unless you’ve been in manufacturing for years, you’re likely to need some guidance. Of course, this also means you need the team to operate the equipment.

The materials that make it

As well as a supplier for any machinery that you’re going to use in manufacturing your products, you need to find a supplier for all materials that go into the product, too. Hopefully, you should be able to find one during the prototyping stage, as you want the materials in your final and successful test to be the exact same that you are using on the production line. However, you might need to look for larger scale suppliers if you’re aiming to produce in a greater volume than the existing ones can provide.


An organized approach

The financial viability of any product is determined by two things: market demand and production costs. Production costs can be determined by the cost of the machines you operate, the materials used to make the product, and also how much waste there is due to manufacturing and communication inefficiency. Hiring an experienced factory manager is crucial, as is learning about things like lean manufacturing principles that can help you cut loss as best as possible. Some loss is to be expected in any production line, but you should make sure that you are at least aiming for total efficiency, even if it’s never practically possible. 

The reality is that most businesses that want to sell products hire others to manufacture them. Or they at least take over one step of the process. Either way, the steps above can help you identify whether or not you’re ready to take on the process.

Last updated on March 3, 2021


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