3 Tools for “On the Move” Businesses

On the Move

There are many companies across various business sectors that are constantly on the move. If your business is one of these, there are some products and services you may want to consider while you are out and about. In order to maintain a professional image and get work done, consider a Surface Laptop Go as well as utilizing delivery and courier services, construction contractors, and IT repair to name a few, and they all have their own individual needs and constraints.


Being remote and with clients means that you may not be able to sit down and perform the usual administrative tasks associated with running a business and forward planning might not be available.

There are some services and tools that you can utilize to your advantage while on the move, out of the office or when dealing with a client. These include:

  • Answering services
  • Remote transactions
  • GPS

Being away from the office means that you could potentially miss calls and an answering service is a great solution for this while remote transactions mean that you can be paid for your services promptly and GPS means that you can find a client on time.

Always Available

Jobs that require you to be mobile such as delivery, repair, or offsite management mean that you aren’t always as available as you might like to be. Many calls could go unmissed so why not employ an answering service?


Outsourcing call management to an answering service means that you will never miss a message again, whether it’s an internal memorandum, a prospective client, or a personal matter. Professionally trained receptionists can answer an assigned number, take messages and inquiries and then pass them along to you via SMS, email, or call.

By providing all necessary information, an answering service will receive calls as though they were working directly from your office and you only pay for what you use, which saves on hiring an expensive assistant or receptionist. 

Pay as You Go

No matter what service you provide, you will want to be paid for that service. Some industries require that you visit them remotely rather than at an office and being paid can sometimes become a cat and mouse game.

Studies have shown that 75% of small businesses don’t like to chase late payment from customers and end up hiring expensive collectors to do it for them. However, receiving payment promptly via remote transactions services means that there is no need for late payment to happen ever again.

Bank and credit card machines used to be expensive but remote transactions can now be processed with small and cheap mobile card reader POS devices that require a Wi-Fi signal. These small and light devices are no bigger than a credit card and come with different features depending on the model; Zettle Reader being the cheapest and SumUp being expensive since it comes with a printer for receipts, and almost all of them can now be integrated to smartphone apps.

Never Get Lost Again

A few years ago, GPS (Global Positioning System) devices were somewhat of a joke since they were often inaccurate, sent people to places that didn’t exist, and were annoyingly complex. Today, they have been greatly improved, and as well as coming as specialized models they can be downloaded onto smartphones and even come in most new cars as standard, built into the dash.

GPS is more necessary than ever since arriving at a client on time is part of a good customer service plan and late jobs could end up being reported as part of online rating systems or with customers refusing to pay based on late arrival or completion times. 

For very little investment, and even free for some apps such as Google Maps, you can ensure you always know exactly how to get to a client destination and some GPS apps will also provide details on traffic, road closures, and incoming weather.

So, as you can see, there are some tools that you can use to help you run your business while you are on the move. We hope you find the right tools at the right time and achieve success. Share your tips and tricks in the comments section.

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