4 Reasons You Want To Be The Corporate Grinch This Year

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“The Grinch is the guy who steals Christmas – why do I want to be like him?!”



For bosses, it’s easy to be the bad guy. A loss of temper makes you public enemy number one in the office. Leaders never want to do anything to compromise their standing, so cancelling the Christmas party sounds like a terrible idea. It will only cause controversy. Anyway, it’s a good thing as it brings people together and boosts morale.


Every manager has heard the same rehashed stories yet the truth is a party usually does more harm than good. These are the four main reasons why.




Everybody wants to have a good time, which is why there’s alcohol involved. Instead of taking it easier though, people tend to let down their hair. Sure, they deserve it, yet they don’t have the right to offend people and cause rifts within the team. Plenty of office get-togethers have resulted in investigations from the HR office. Plus, the whole staff comes into work the next morning with a hangover. What happens when you stop drinking at parties is that you end up with a refreshed team with no black marks against their name. Alcohol isn’t the root of all evil, but it does speed things up a bit.




The idea that everyone mingles and socializes is a myth. Groups within the firm already have their cliques and they stick to them during functions. If anything, it makes the rumor mill spin faster as there is gossip for the busybodies to turn into whispers. As a whole, events tend to split the team apart rather than encourage them to bond. What with the implications of alcohol added to the mix, it doesn’t seem like an appealing way to spend an evening.





Not to seem like Scrooge himself, yet there is a money factor to consider. As you know, paying for drinks as well as the entertainment and catering costs quite a bit of money. The company might not have the cash to afford the party in the first place, which puts the company’s bottom line at risk. Plus, there are better ways to spend it on a night of debauchery. Giving everyone a Christmas bonus is a gesture the whole office will appreciate, and there’s no need for anybody to feel embarrassed. A party should be value for money for the firm.




You’re in a local bar and the rest of the clientele knows who you are and where you work. Meanwhile, employees at the bar are making a scene as they have forgotten it’s a company function. They are not acting very professionally. From a customer’s perspective, this isn’t something they want to watch while they have a quiet drink and eat their dinner. The result is that they think less of the brand and make a mental note to shop elsewhere. Suddenly, the company is on the verge of losing shoppers because your workers don’t know how to behave in public.


Being the Grinch might sound negative, but it can be a positive thing for your business.


Last updated on October 20, 2019


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