4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO


You’ve worked hard to build your business up from nowhere… But lately it feels as though all of your hard work, ingenuity and endeavor simply aren’t paying off. As proud as you are of your products, your services and your employees your carefully crafted brand simply isn’t getting the traction you had hoped. It feels as though your voice simply isn’t heard. It can be extremely frustrating, and as though both you and your business are stuck in a rut.


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t’s likely that you’ve already considered using the services of an SEO Agency. But as an entrepreneur you’re naturally cautious when it comes to overhead costs and anything that can eat substantially into your profit margins. Yet, while an aversion to overheads is understandable, all entrepreneurs must walk that fine line between investing sufficiently in their business to lay a strong foundation for growth and keeping an eye on the bottom line.


Getting a helping hand with your SEO is a worthy investment, here’s why…


It builds trust and credibility in your brand


Most of your consumers won’t know how SEO works, but they will equate strong positioning in search engine rankings with quality. An SEO agency will take a look at your website and help you to identify opportunities to make improvements which will not only make your content climb higher on search queries but also make for a more satisfying user experience.

This will have a positive impact on metrics which are prized by search engine crawlers like



Increased engagement in your local community


You may think that SEO is a matter of casting the net as far and wide as possible, but for many businesses (especially those who have a local physical presence) SEO is also a game that’s played closer to home. An SEO agency can help you to boost your local SEO by forging links with trusted local businesses with high domain authority. A backlink from such a source is not only good for SEO, it can also improve your engagement and standing in your community.


Make your voice heard


Many SEO agencies double as copywriting services with teams of skilled freelance writers ready to ensure that your website is regularly updated with regular content from blog posts to landing page content. This will be written to match the style and tone of your existing content and in line with your brand’s “voice”. Rarely do entrepreneurs have time to dedicate to the content marketing aspects of their business, and outsourcing this is a great way to ensure that your voice is heard while organically boosting your search engine visibility.


Boost your conversion rates

Finally, while SEO is a different discipline to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) the two do share some common ground. By its very nature, good SEO practice has a knock-on effect on CRO. By targeting the right keywords, improving site structure, and optimizing UX (User Experience) and CTAs (Calls To Action) you can kill two proverbial birds with one digital stone.


Last updated on February 4, 2019


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