4 Key Factors Loaning Businesses Need to Look for in Borrowers


A lot of people use the help of loaning businesses for their big purchases. Houses, cars, and investments are only some examples of purchases that borrowers are hoping to fund when they approach loan banks. If you own a loaning business, you will find that some people are untrustworthy. You might discover that a few of your borrowers will be looking to escape from their financial responsibilities. The task for every loaning business is to avoid undisciplined people from securing a loan without the promise of payment. Here are some of the key factors that could help loaners weed out the untrustworthy borrowers from the list of applicants:


Credit Scoring

One of the most common ways for loaning businesses to learn about an applicant is to perform a credit check. You will have to look up their financial backgrounds, which include how they handle their credit scoring. The system allows you to see if they are meeting payment terms in their past purchases. You will also be able to see if they are good at handling their existing debt. There are a lot of companies that rely on credit scoring to help determine trustworthy borrowers, so you should consider installing a telco data credit scoring system in your company.

Purchase History

Consumers might be doing well with their credit scoring because they are handling their finances with ease. However, it should not be your only basis to give out a huge loan. You should also consider the kinds of purchases they made over the years. You can ask applicants to submit a report of their past expenses, essentially those that are big enough to make them adjust their budgets. The purchase history allows you to find out how the borrowers will make an effort to pay their dues on time. You will also have to figure out if they have existing debts, which can provide you with knowledge on your borrower’s financial methods. You might want to avoid providing loans to people with debts and questionable purchases. If you believe in giving borrowers a chance, you can set a lower amount for the loan.


You will have to make sure that the loans you provide will be paid back to you. You will have no basis for that unless your borrower gives a report on their monthly income. Big purchases mean that people will likely not have enough money for the down payment, which is why they will choose to borrow from lenders. If they can provide you with their monthly income, you will be able to figure out the terms for the loan. You will also get an idea of how much the applicant can give you every month, which will be helpful in the payment terms.


Not everything about approving a loan relies on statistics and data analysis. You will also have to be good at checking the personalities of the borrowers. If you are a good judge of character, you will find that you will be able to get clients that are trustworthy enough for the deal. Consider hiring professionals who can perform background checks on loan applicants.


A lot can go wrong for your lending business if you put your trust in the wrong borrowers. If you manage to come up with a system that will help you figure out those that are trustworthy, you will receive assurance that your company will keep growing.

Last updated on September 13, 2020


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