3 Reasons Why You Should Want To Work In Administration


Administration seems like a career path that many people either don’t know much about or think simply involves typing all day long. The latter is not true at all, as many admin professionals have a direct impact on how business is done, at ground level. Far from remaining in the office all day long, they perform practical research, working with managers and employees to improve the internal operations of a business. They also work directly with the CEO and the clients that partner with the company on various projects. We’ll explore all this and more in the following reasons for why you would want to work in admin?

Complexity through to delivery

Many industries are far more complex than the customer might have been led to believe. For example, the healthcare industry requires multiple levels of authorization for a drug to be allowed onto the market, but then, more hurdles to jump over if it is to be approved for usage in a company. This all involves business administrators that can write reports on what is the best drug, best equipment and best practices to allow in the business. You should read more about this, and see if you would be tempted to get an Master’s degree (MA) in healthcare administration. While you work on your degree, you will conduct detailed research and analysis of internal matters such as comparing software, integrating into cloud systems and more. You will also help to formulate preventative care systems and procedures, supervise teams, work with managers in directing and managing projects.

Proposing policy

Have you ever wondered where the policies that companies implement come from? They are usually started, tested and then implemented by the admin department. Why? Well, it’s all about improving a business from the inside, so that job is rightfully left to the administrators that dedicate their professional lives to making a business more productive, efficient and operate at a much more cost-effective rate. This means that you have a lot of power and responsibility. You will be forming policy through research, comparing and contrasting different things such as software systems, IT infrastructure, trends in cybersecurity and processes. Once you are at the end of your policy-forming journey, you present to the CEO or C-suite and get your policies implemented. It’s a very fulfilling role!

Process and procedures

In part, the admin team is responsible for improving the processes and procedures. For example, the administrative team will be working with the heads of the departments to improve processes of completing a task or a project. Procedures such as quality-control tests and checking and rechecking how products are packaged and stored are all hands-on work for the admin team. If this is something that you believe you would be good at, working as a business administrator is going to suit you just fine.

The administrative team of any business is truly a workforce that cannot be done without. They add so much to the business, in the way of introspective assessment, internal improvements to processes and also deciding on future policy to keep up with industry standards.


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