3 Essential Office Audits That Boost Performance

When it comes to workplace performance, most offices have a list of essentials.


Indeed, you can’t expect your team to remain on top of the workload if you fail to provide them with a fast broadband connection. In a work environment where everything happens online, a slow Internet connection can have dramatic consequences. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for business owners to run regular speed audits and compare Internet providers in an effort to remain competitive.

Additionally, further performance considerations are also linked to critical workplace audits. Indeed, the technology your team uses every day plays a crucial role in their ability to perform. As a rule of thumb, offices are expected to provide their employees with new laptops and computers regularly as old devices can prove ineffective and insecure. It’s not uncommon as well in marketing and creative environment to run task management audits designed to measure team productivity by projects.

Needless to say, these audit reports can shed some light into where your team is wasting time and efforts. But there is so much more you can do to boost your office performance. Here are the three audits that every business owner forgets about.

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Do not bring donuts to the office


#1. Is it the right food for the brain?

First and foremost, there’s no denying that an office with a stocked pantry affects the performance of your employees greatly, as seen in a previous article. Indeed, ensuring that your team is provided with the necessary food throughout the day affects both their mood and their performance – you can fuel their energy for the whole day. However, you need to work closely with a nutritionist if you want to avoid some of the most common office food’s traps. While it might be tempting to add a plate of muffins in the kitchen or keep candy bars for a quick burst energy, you should stick to healthy and nutritious options.

#2. Nobody forgets H&S, but who assesses office risks?

Of course, health and safety policies are vital. But, too many businesses are guilty of applying generalized regulations without running a detailed risk audit of the specifications of their workplace. As a result, accidents and injuries can occur in a regulated H&S environment that fails to assess all risks. Ultimately, you need to run a risk audit in your workplace to highlight potential dangers.

#3. Your office decor matters more than you think

Last, but not least, poor decor choices in the workplace can shoot your team performance to the ground. Indeed, the ineffective use of space and color can create uninspiring and stressful environments that are not suitable for creative workflows. Professional office designers can help you to understand the potential of your premises and avoid costly mistakes. Additionally, you can bring green plants into the workplace, which can actively help to purify the indoor air and create thinking space for your team.

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All eyes on office decor

The choices of decor, food and H&S policies in your office can serve as catalysts to improve your team performance and productivity. Indeed, the secret of a happy workplace lies in the health management of your employees, from physical needs to mental support.

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  1. This was an interesting read. I think its great to have a balance between foods that are healthy & nutritious, but sometimes having tasty treats.

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