3 Additions For An Indulgent Media & Entertainment Room

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We’ve all had the dream of renovating a single room to contain every nerdy hobby or interest we might have cultivated over time. This might involve geeking out over a range of classic spirits in your home bar, or making sure you have a beautiful media and entertainment room for the watching of great movies in the most crisp quality a consumer can enjoy, or perhaps you just want a space in which you can entertain guests, talk with them late into the night, read books, play the piano, and spend time celebrating in a manner totally disconnected from social media and more.

But once you have allocated this space in your home, be that in a basement, or a side room, or even a bedroom now that your children have flown the nest, it’s important to consider some of the additions that will make this space what it is, and how to prioritize that as necessary. In this post, we hope to discuss this consideration and more, potentially helping you perfect this space:

Great Ventilation

Great ventilation is the best way to keep a space feeling fresh, and this is especially true in an area where snacks, relaxing in comfortable clothes, inviting friends around to watch sport, and relaxing while petting the dog on the sofa might take place. A great air filter or ventilation fan can work wonders in helping this space feel fresh, as can implements such as a high quality smoke eater for cigar room applications. Keep a room feeling fresh and odorless, and it’s must more pleasant to occupy than you could imagine. Perfect for those late-night movie sessions.

Sound Proofing

If you have a great sound system, or you want to play video games with your friends and not disturb your family, or you wish to use games that help you with fitness and as such will make sure you huff and puff and stomp all over the place, sound proofing can help a lot. You can also use foam dampeners to prevent sounds from travelling too far around the space to begin with. That can make a major difference regarding the final outcome.


Proper Lighting

It’s important that the space is properly lit so as to avoid eye strain, and also to counter the stereotype that a media, entertainment or gaming room needs to be some dingy den in the basement that never sees light and we only retire to when we want to escape the world and all it contains. Great lighting, such as pleasant lights, nice RGB, and more can really aid a room in feeling nice, light, fresh and clean. We can also use diffused lights that provide warmth to the space without overdoing it on the clarity late at night, perfect for relaxing with a partner before bed, moving through the latest Netflix shows.

With this advice, you’re sure to make the best of your indulgent media and entertainment room.

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