Where Could Your IT Skills Take You This Year

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If you have Information Technology or IT skills, in today’s climate, it’s not quite a golden ticket but it does open up a lot of different avenues.


Specifically, if you have an IT degree and are looking for a job with a company like https://www.athensmicro.com/solutions/it-consulting/ now is one of the best times to be working within IT, especially if you have an interest in cyber security, as this is the fastest growing sector within IT right now with no signs of slowing down.


Here are just some of the jobs your IT skills could land you, many of which are quite highly paid.  You could be an IT consultant, a software engineer, application analyst, data analyst, systems analyst, a UX analyst, business analyst, or forensic computer analyst.


On the other side of things, you could combine your IT skills with a creative streak to become a web designer or mobile app developer.  In fact, there’s a huge amount of demand for mobile app developers, as the commercial need for “apps” is ever increasing.


The best thing about the majority of roles within IT is that you can practically work from anywhere you have access to a computer.  Meaning, you can develop a decent lifestyle around your job – particularly if you’re heading more toward the consultancy route.


It also opens up the whole world to you, as no matter where you’re from, today you can market your skills on an application like Fiverr.com to an international audience willing to pay decent money for decent work.  It’s no longer just $5 gigs.


Also, as many businesses outsource their IT roles, occasionally direct to individuals rather than agencies due to cost savings – there’s a huge demand from companies looking for freelance IT workers.  This means that you can live a more remote lifestyle.


For instance, you could move to an exotic country like Sri Lanka or Thailand and live the laptop lifestyle, roaming around beautiful beaches and wild jungles… or you could simply live a more flexible lifestyle, while at home, which is particularly helpful if you have a young family – as it can be heartbreaking to have to spend all the time in the office while your kids are growing up before your eyes… particularly if you have to travel for work.


The other major benefit of having IT skills is that if you venture into web development or app development, you can start to generate a royalty style income where you will make a small royalty for each app that is downloaded or subscription purchased – this can be very lucrative and is perfect for those with IT skills that don’t have the business acumen or interest in business to set up their own, while still being able to cash in on the wonders of IT based businesses.


In summary, your IT skills are valuable, and while you might feel tempted to get a job for  the reliable income it provides… you might want to consider thinking a little more outside the box.



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