What To Wear In The Office This Summer

Dressing appropriately for work is of huge importance. You need to look professional and classy at all times. Nonetheless, we all want to express a bit of our personality as well, and it is also important to feel comfortable so you are not distracted during the working day. Therefore, it is all about getting the right balance. However, once summer arises, this becomes even more difficult, as you have another challenge to contend with, and that is dressing for the weather. Instead of getting into a fluster before you even leave your front door, read on for some top tips on office wear for the summer months.

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When summer approaches, the main difficulty is finding something to wear that provides you with enough air and comfort during the stifling temperatures, yet is not too revealing. Stay away from shorts, capri pants, tank tops, halter neck tops, flip flops, sleeveless shirts and such like. Skirts are perfect for the months ahead, especially pleated skirts and skater skirts. Make sure these are either midi or maxi skirts. Under no circumstances should you ever wear a skirt that is above knee length. You can then team your skirt with a blouse for the ideal summer office look.

Another great garment for the months ahead is a shift dress, such as the luxury ones available via one of the Lane Crawford Joyce Group brands. Shift dresses are roomy and provide you with enough space to breathe. Yet, they are also very sophisticated and elegant. The same rules apply as mentioned in relation to skirts – never go for a short dress. This is not appropriate for the workplace. Moreover, the style of the dress does not demand a shorter length in order to provide you with comfort.

Summer often tempts people to become more casual in their choice of attire. While this is fine on the weekends, you should never adopt this attitude when going to work. As mentioned, shorts are undoubtedly a big no-no! Stay away from anything that looks more like beachwear than office wear. You can wear sandals and open toe shoes, as long as they are sophisticated and look classic rather than those that are more comparable to a pair of flip-flops. You can embrace lovely summer shades with a sophisticated edge – pale blue, lemon and mint green are all excellent options.

Last but not least, accessorizing becomes even more important in the summer months. When you choose your attire, comfort should undoubtedly be the most important thing, after professionalism and appropriateness of course. Nonetheless, this does not mean you have to be boring and hold back on your personality. Why not wear a statement necklace? Or, go for a bold shade of lipstick? One standout accessory or beauty product can make a massive difference. Be sure not to over-accessorize though, you are not on your way to a nightclub!


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