Turning A Drawing Talent Into A Career

Turning a Drawing Talent into a Career

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Got a talent for drawing and looking for a way to turn your artistry into an income? There are plenty of careers that require drawing skills. Here are a few career paths to consider.


Graphic designer


Graphic designers play a vital part in product design and marketing. While most graphic design is now done digitally, drawing can still be a key skill to have when pursuing this career – especially when it comes to areas such as product packaging, advertisement design and fashion design. Many graphic designers learn to draw on a digital drawing tablet using programs such as Photoshop. It’s worth taking a degree in graphic design to secure yourself a job in this sector. You can then specialize in the area that fits your interests the most.




Animators are pretty much graphic designers but with a focus on moving pictures. Since the rise of the internet, the demand for animators has risen dramatically, with many internet ads and apps requiring animation. Those that get lucky can even find a job in TV, film or the video games industry. You’ll need to master video software as well as being able to draw well to get into this career – a qualification in computer animation could be useful.




Illustration revolves entirely around drawing making it a popular choice of career for those that love to draw. Illustrators tend to help provide drawings to accompany text – this could be anything from a children’s novel to a technical instruction leaflet. Some go on to specialize in areas such as greeting cards, graphic novels, newspaper cartoons, medical illustration or album artwork. Illustration can often cross over into graphic design or animation depending on the role – qualifications in fine art or graphic design can come in handy.


Tattoo artist


Drawing skills are also a necessity for tattoo artists. Whilst you don’t need a degree to pursue this role, a course in tattoo art is generally encouraged to understand how to use the equipment and you’ll need to obtain a license in most parts of the world. Investing in equipment such as a stencil solution and tattoo machine will be vital if you’re working freelance (which is how most tattoos artists break into the industry). Many tattoo artists practice by tattooing on pig skin or themselves.


Art teacher


Another option for those that love to draw could be a career as an art teacher. You’ll generally need an art degree and a teaching qualification to get into this career if you’re planning on working in a school. Another option could be to host your own art class for adults or to work as a one-on-one art tutor. On top of being able to draw, you may want to build your talents using other mediums such as painting with acrylics and watercolors, sculpting and using prints.

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