The Adverts That Will Work For Your Business: A Newbie’s Guide

The Adverts That Will Work For Your Business: A Newbie’s Guide

What with the all organic marketing that goes on these days you could be forgiven for not knowing too much about the paid advertising side of things. Of course, that doesn’t mean that paid advertising in its many forms isn’t a valuable way of increasing your business’s revenue. It’s a topic you can find out more about on below.


Online advertising


One of the most common forms of advertising is PPC or pay per click advertising online. A method that works within search engine results and only charges your business when a potential customer clicks through to your site from the advertisement.


Of course, for it to be as effective possible for your business you will need to get a few things right including how to bid on the ad space you want, or alternatively get an outside agency you can trust to manage this for you. Additionally, the phrasing, keywords, and even the quality of the landing page you provide on your site will all help to make PPC as effective as possible for your company.




TV and Video adverts


We have all seen advertisements on TV, but something new in this sector are video pieces that aren’t designed to be shown on the traditional channels but on platforms like Youtube instead. Something that can be very effective if you tailor them to the right demographic.


However, one of the most significant issues with both TV and video advertising is that someone needs to star in them. Now, many businesses choose to employ an actor to do this, but research has shown that audiences do respond more favorably to authenticity, which means using genuine employees or even the business owner themselves can be a good choice.


However, this can cause its own problems because not many employees or business owners will have much experience in front of the camera, and this can make your advertisement seem awkward or amateurish.


Luckily, there are specialists out there that can help with the media training anyone that needs to be a success in front of a camera. In fact, engaging such a service can help take your video advert from meh to wow!


Adverts in print


Print advertisements can run the gauntlet from being very low cost like the ones in local newspapers, to extremely expensive. Think glossy magazine double spreads. Therefore they can be suitable for a range of different businesses and budgets.


Of course, as the primary method of communication in print advertising is visual, it’s crucial that this is what you pay attention to when compiling you add.


At the lower end of the scale, this means focusing on things like font, kerning, and typography, as well as the information contained in the writing you will publish.


Although, at the higher end things do get a little more complicated with additional elements such as theme, color schemes, how your brand identity is portrayed, as well as the images and headline you use. In fact, all of these different elements need to be handled correctly if you are to make a high-end print advertisement that will work effectively for your company.



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