Security Measures For Your Retail Business

Retail Security

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How secure is your retail business? 

It’s a question worth considering as your business finances will be negatively affected if your store becomes the victim of damage or theft.

Retail businesses worldwide are struggling to make a profit because of the drop in footfall, so a further drop in profits is the last thing you need. 

To improve security, there are a number of things you could do. These include the following.


Train your employees on store security

Do your employees know how to identify shoplifters? Do they know what to do if somebody is caught stealing in your store? Do they know how to operate your store security systems, such as the processes involved with your alarm system and door shutters? These are some of the areas where training might be needed so be sure to train your employees periodically to improve their skills and knowledge.

Secure your store

We have just mentioned door shutters, but you could add window shutters too. It’s a good idea to consider atm enclosures if you provide atm machines for your customers, and you should change the locks on your exterior and internal doors if they are fragile. For some of your internal doors, such as those that lead to employee areas, you should consider keyless entry systems, such as something that requires a passcode, like the yale electronic lock, as unauthorised members of staff will then be unable to gain entry. 

Implement a CCTV system

A shoplifter will think twice about stealing if there is a CCTV system in place and so will any members of your staff who are tempted to do something they shouldn’t. You should consider adding cameras to both the inside and outside of your retail premises, perhaps with a link to a control room where a member of staff can be paid to monitor the comings and goings of the people in your store. 

Hire a security guard

The presence of a security guard might be enough to deter a shoplifter. But even if somebody does try to steal from your store, you will have somebody on standby to apprehend any criminal who tries to walk away with any of your retail items. 

Add security tags to items

Not only do security tags make it harder for shoplifters to open packaging but if you implement those that are alarmed, you will be alerted to anybody trying to open or walk away with your store items. 

Secure Network Systems

Your computer network systems are just as vulnerable as your physical premises, and you’ll have to put some time and effort into securing these. From making sure only appropriate employees can access them to conducting penetration testing to find any vulnerabilities, you can do this in various ways. With how vital these systems can be to your operations, there’s no reason not to put the effort into them.

Alter your store layout

A few small changes to your store’s layout could make life harder for shoplifters. You could reduce blindspots by moving some of your displays so you have a better view of your customers. You could use smaller display shelves too so nobody is hidden from view. You could also alter the route to the exit so customers have to walk past members of staff before leaving the store. These are just some of the alterations you could make to be better aware of what your customers are doing but do whatever makes sense for your business.

There is more you can do of course, so if you do own a retail store, consider our ideas and then continue your research, perhaps by speaking to a security firm for advice. By taking such steps, you will protect your store and your business profits.

Last updated on September 4, 2023


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