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Moving Truck and Boxes

I have moved many times. Growing up, we moved a lot for my dad’s job. Several of our moves were long distance between states such as Missouri and Georgia then Georgia to Michigan. When I first got married, I moved from Michigan to Virginia. Since I moved in the winter, we had a snowstorm and I lost track of our mover a for a week. Turns out he was stuck in the mountains with no cell service or power! As a mom, I have moved my kids from home to dorm and back too many times to count. And recently, I moved my daughter into her first home in an historic neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. So I feel like I have learned some tips and tricks over the years and in this post, I will share them with you.


Pack Carefully

When I pack, I use packing paper and I buy most of my boxes. If you can get used ones It is OK too. But you really need to purchase packing paper. I have tried newspaper but it is messy. And honestly it hard to find these days because everyone reads the newspaper online.  Take a room at a time. Put the heavier stuff at the bottom and the lighter stuff at the top. For clothing, use any suitcases that you have first and fill them up. Also use hampers and laundry bins. For moving into dorms if you are just moving by car, you can also use garbage bags or plastic totes. The most important thing to remember when packing is to label your boxes with the room and key contents. This will save you from having to open and search through multiple boxes while looking for something essential like your coffee pot or your alarm clock.

Consider Hiring a Mover

Movers are professional and they often know what they are doing. Because of their experience, they will often get the job done faster than you can do it. In many cases, they have the right tools for the job such as packing blankets, bungee cords, dolly carts and ramps. These things can make the job a lot easier and safer not to mention faster. A good choice is Bearded Brother Moving Group.  They can pack for you, move you long distance, move your office or even move heavy furniture such as pool tables so be sure to check pool table moving in Youngstown, Ohio.

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Keep Important Documents Close to You

It is important to keep a running list of tasks that you need to do when you are moving. I use a planner and write down dates, contact information, medical and automobile insurance information and important phone numbers in it.  In addition, place important papers and documents in a safe place such a file tote. And keep that with you. As I mentioned, movers can get delayed, so you need to keep rent documents, contracts, important work contacts and the like with you. It will give you peace of mind to have these items with you rather than in the moving van. With so many moving parts, it is easy to misplace something and having a designated spot for important items is crucial.

Care Package for Children and Pets

If you are moving with children and/or pets, you will want to pack a special bag just for them. For kids, pack a favorite toy, something new to play with and some snacks. It is also good to have a jacket or sweater for them if you are moving to a place that has cold or wet weather. Pet will need to have something to keep them busy too such as chew toy and also food and water bowls. You may want to consider a tie out stake and cable if it is safe to put them outside to keep them out of the way and safe from running away in the confusion. Be sure to pack food and any medications the pets or kids need as well.


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Essential Bag

In addition to the above, I like to have an essential bag packed and ready for when I get to my new location. For the bathroom and kitchen you will need paper towels, toilet paper, paper cups and plates and Clorox wipes immediately. It is nice to have snacks and water as well.  Make sure to pack an extension cord, charging cables, and a flashlight. And I also bring scissors, pens, paper and a clipboard.

In summary, the key to moving well is preparation. Like so many things, if you think ahead and do a little planning, you will relieve stress and make your move more efficient. And if you have the budget, consider hiring the help of a professional mover to help with just packing or managing the whole move.

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