Is Your Business Safe Enough To Be Online?

Being an online business is incredibly risky in a world where most threats are digital and your website can be accessed from anywhere. Anyone could be on the other side of the screen and you’d rarely ever know. These people are good at identifying the weak spots in your web security, and can even impersonate you on a very personal scale; when you’re using a computer, there’s a good chance you can be a hacker!


This is a scary thought to have in your mind, but it’s a necessary one. You’re a responsible business owner, and that means you need to secure yourself against anyone who would take your customers’ details and use them to their own ends – it happens a lot more often than we’d like to think.


So here’s a couple of questions to ask yourself to check if you’re safe enough to be online.

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How Long Has Your Website Been Up?



Think about it for a moment: how long have you been operating online? Maybe you’ve had a social media presence since you were a teenager, but you’ve only built your own website within the past 6 months or so. Or maybe you’re someone who’s had your own blog for quite a few years now, nearly a decade, and you’re only planning to keep on running your own little portion of the world wide web.


Now, how long have you been worried about online security, in comparison? Have you been operating as a ‘http’, instead of a ‘https’? When was the last time that you changed password for your CMS? How many people know the answer to your security question, or could very reasonably guess it?


All in all, the longer you’ve been online, the more exposed you are. You need to be able to identify where a potential lack of online security has sprung a few leaks in the system. Be sure to implement some new security settings in running a business; start using a password manager, for example.


And then sites like could help you out with a process like this, if you’re not sure where to start, or you could do with a professional in the IT sector on hand.


Do You Have the Right Checkout?


If you’re running a website that has a retail section to its name, you’re going to need the right, secure checkout to ring each of your customers through. You make money via your business website, and you need a reliable system to work with – have you set your checkout up properly?


You need it to have an encryption layer, to make sure that any details entered into the purchase box are hidden away from prying eyes. And ultimately, aesthetics matter a lot to our peace of mind. You need your checkout to look as professional as it is secure, otherwise no one is going to trust you enough to buy from you!


So, have you been safe enough to work online?


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