In-Demand Skills You Need To Be Ready For The Future Of Work

Furture of Work

There’s no doubt that the tech industry has affected every sector across the globe. Nowadays, tech skills are indispensable for becoming a remote worker and standing out from the competition. Companies are investing huge amounts of money in new technologies to improve their products as well as their services. 

There’s a wide range of programming skills you can learn to update your skillset. However, if you have no idea what professionals can accomplish with their coding skills, you can spend a lifetime deciding which one you should learn. To help you make the right move, here’s a list of some programming languages you should learn to be ready for the future of work.


Today, Java is among the most popular programming tools because of its capability to fit almost any platform. It’s an excellent alternative for creating cross-platform solutions and fits almost all IoT devices. In 2020, most users have an Android smartphone. Hence, several startups and world-leading companies are looking for candidates with Android development skills.

By learning Java, you can become a software engineer or a mobile developer. No matter what career you choose, improving your lifestyle can be done with ease as earning a six-figure salary isn’t a challenge. Many trading schools offer mobile development courses. However, General Assembly is the best alternative to learn how to build Android apps.

General Assembly allows students to learn by doing. Their program is designed to help students develop their potential while working on hands-on projects. The company is committed to its students’ success. For that reason, they learn from industry-experienced tutors and receive career support during each course. 

The demand for mobile applications will rise in the next few years. They are making our lives much more comfortable and are helping companies to provide better services. They make our devices more than just phones and companies worldwide will take advantage of it.


Python is among the most popular coding tools these days. Its exceptional ability to analyze and interpret data with ease makes Python an indispensable coding skill for tech professionals. Python is very versatile and great for creating general-purpose applications. It is a great tool to face future challenges because it will help you to deal with data. 

Nowadays, tech companies are investing more money in new technologies to improve the way they gather and analyze information. Data allows companies to develop better products and meet customers’ requirements. For example, in the past few years, Instagram has made its algorithm better at filtering users’ ‘likes’. As a result, companies can reach the right audience with ease.

In 2020, a data scientist is a key employee for any organization. Starting a new data science career is an excellent choice to stay relevant. It will allow you not only to give employers what they want but to get the job of your dreams. Most data scientists earn over $100,000 per year and companies like Microsoft are going further to attract professionals’ attention. 

A senior data scientist can make up to $206,000 per year at Microsoft, according to Glassdoor. Microsoft provides tech professionals with growth opportunities as well as great perks to achieve their professional and personal goals. If you’re interested in becoming a data scientist or a data analyst, you should consider visiting Bootcamp Rankings. On their website, you’ll find how the job role is like, what skills you require, and how you can start learning. 


Analyzing and interpreting data can be very complicated if it’s not well organized. SQL is excellent for organizing and managing databases. It’s great for merging information from multiple sources and has made tech professionals’ lives much more comfortable. Learning SQL skills will help you to be a part of the world’s next workforce as more companies will need employees with SQL skills.

To get skilled, you can enroll in a coding bootcamp. They have become very popular these days and are providing students with the best tools available. Companies like Google and Microsoft have built strong relationships with coding schools. In that case, the chances of getting a better job will increase significantly. 


The future looks very bright for tech professionals. The tech industry is growing each day and more companies will need tech inventions to remain competitive. If you learn these skills, you will be one step ahead of other candidates. Thus, landing a world-class job won’t be an uphill struggle, and improving your wellbeing will be possible.


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