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When you own and run a restaurant, it can be easy for some small standards to slip. This is especially true when you’re short on staff or have a particularly busy night. But it is important to remember that doing this can lead to some costly mistakes. Making sure that the restaurant is running more efficiently can help the business in the long term, as it will reduce waste, improve your reputation, and help you to get loyal customers and create an improved customer experience. 



When you don’t maximize the efficiency of your restaurant, then there are a number of things that will then not be working at their best as a result. This can impact various areas of the business and mean that it falls short of its complete potential. Poor efficiency in a restaurant can occur as a result of a number of things, including:

  • Human error, such as staff not billing customers correctly and missing items of orders
  • Lack of staff, especially during peak hours
  • No table management
  • Poor inventory and food stock management 

These things can all result in a lot of waste, including wasting money as well as stock. Customers will be left dissatisfied and the staff that you do have will also be low or morale and lack motivation if they just work somewhere that is very messy and unorganized. Not only this, but you can be putting a lot of things at risk, from the health and safety of your staff and customers, as well as compromising the quality of food

If you are looking to improve the experience for your customers in your restaurant, then here are some of the things you need to be doing.


Improve kitchen cleanliness

Standards can slip in the kitchen when you’re short on staff, and during peak times, there can be small things that can get forgotten about or just neglected as it is busy. But this is a slippery slope, especially for a restaurant business. One thing to consider is to have contractors come in at times when you’re closed, to deal with different cleaning aspects, such as getting a kitchen hood cleaning service to come in. When you have people booked in on a regular basis, then you don’t even need to think about it as they will just arrive and do their jobs, helping efficiency. You should also have a kitchen staff member in charge of cleanliness during shifts to make sure that standards don’t slip.

Upsell drinks and dishes

For your staff team, you can become much more efficient when you help to promote the good things going on in the restaurant and help to upsell. Training staff is a vital part of this, as they won’t know what wines to recommend with particular dishes unless they are trained to do so. This can not only improve the experience for customers, helping them to have a truly delicious meal, but it can help to promote some of the more expensive lines and help the business profit.

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