If You Have Entrepreneurial Endeavors, Read This First

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Starting a business as a motivated entrepreneur takes real effort, tenacity, and determination. You have to be willing to look for opportunities, hustle to get the job done, and work towards your goals at seemingly all hours of the day until you reach a point where you can step back and admire your efforts. You can do it all and then some by welcoming new ways of thinking, engaging with productive resources, and networking to make connections. Keep reading to learn more.


Utilize Available Resources

You may have gone to a traditional university or college or attended a trade school. Now that you have the degrees in hand or appropriate certifications under your proverbial belt, you may think you are ready to launch. That is probably not the case, however, as there is still a wealth of knowledge to draw from and learn about.

When you are entering into any business endeavor, you need to find the appropriate resources that will apply to your unique business vertical. Even though you have education or experience in the field, it is impossible to know all facets of any complex sector. That is why you should refer to expertly compiled content, such as a comprehensive HVAC glossary if you are entering into that particular industry.

As time passes, one pitfall that some business owners fall into is that they believe they have learned what they need to know to move their company forward. Unfortunately, technology and laws continue to evolve and change. Keeping up with the nuances and best practices in any field of business takes dedication to continue monitoring the pipeline for new information or going back to school to update your knowledge and certifications. It is always a good business move to use any vetted resources available to you so that you do not have to try and figure it all out yourself.

Embrace New Ideas

Whether you choose to stay in the educational and related thought content that aligns with the work you do or pursue new information, the important thing is to keep moving forward. That being said, when you do reach out for new-to-you ideas, you will give yourself the gift of a more open and engaging mind.


By looking for new information or approaching your work from a different angle, you have the opportunity to change. This change can lead to new innovations in your workplace, a better work environment, and greater efficiency, depending on the content and practices put in place. What really matters here is that you are eager to try something different, even if it does not have the payoff or results you are expecting.

Watch this video for ideas on how to embrace new behaviors to change the way you work and think.

Create a Network of Mentors

The concept of a mentor-mentee relationship can often seem one-sided on the surface. You go to someone who is likely at least a few years your senior. Advice and counsel are what you are after. On the flip side, the mentor offers you uncapped attention and the best advice at just the right time when you need it most.

Enter: Reality. In any mentor scenario, you should look for a mutually beneficial relationship. This should be one where you both benefit from time spent together and through good dissecting conversations about your work and the basics of business. As a mentor is seen as such a force, it may be helpful to find a network of them to help fulfill a variety of differing needs as you traverse your career.

In your efforts to create a network of mentors, seek individuals who are within your chosen career field so they can offer you industry-specific feedback and advice. Another type of mentor to engage is one who has achieved the pinnacle of success with their own company. This person can share their trials and tribulations in getting to the top. A valuable mentor can be a person who is wholly different from you. Perhaps they hail from a different country or culture or are a different gender. This person can provide you with a unique perspective that you do not have. 

However, if you choose to establish a relationship with a mentor or multiple mentors, ensure that you make their time worthwhile by offering your own insight during meetings. Challenge them and encourage their entrepreneurial efforts as they support you. By establishing a group of mentors for yourself, you are creating a network of people to use as resources and source from as time goes by.

Be a Good Boss

Whether you are the CEO or not, if you are in charge, you need to find ways to maintain productivity while still keeping everything in good working order. Being a boss is a complicated place to be on any company’s flow chart. You have to network, glad-hand, make the tough decisions, and still put in time at work every day.

In order to be effective in your role, you must prioritize finding good people to work with. Once you do so, it is imperative to your company’s continued success to offer them support. Hiring good managers is one of the best ways you can keep your business moving forward. Look for people who are not only successful in their current positions, but also assess them for their people skills. 

When someone has the ability to both guide their immediate supervisees with respect and motivate them to work harder, you have found the manager you are looking for. Not everyone has these skills fine-tuned, however, so it is essential to be a good boss yourself and aid them in learning the breadth and depth of soft skills. These skills will translate into customer service, as well, and will serve your company in a variety of ways time and again.

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If you are building a new business and have the spirit and drive to get it right, simply having a goal is a good step on the path toward success. Finding the right resources, people, and priorities will help you get even further.

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