How to Provide Better Customer Service when Running a Business

How to Provide Better Customer Service when Running a Business

Providing a good customer service is essential if you want to be successful. Your customers need to know that they can come to you with a problem and they also need to know that you are going to listen and support them as well. There are a few ways that you can make excellent customer service happen, some of which can be found below.



Boost your Team Skills


It is so important to make sure your customer service team has the right skills. They need to be patient, empathetic and consistent. Some customers can be irate and others may have tons of questions that need answers. Either way, you need to know how to deal with each customer type quickly and efficiently. Clear communication is also essential here. Your team needs to convey to your customers exactly what you mean. For example, if you offer 50% more product as an apology for a bad service, you don’t want them thinking that you are offering a 50% discount. This will lead to even more frustration and it could really go against you.

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Look at your Work Ethic


Customers want business representatives who can see their problem from the start, all the way to its resolution. You also need to have good time management skills because if you spend too much time helping one customer then you may leave another waiting far longer than you should. There is a fine balance that needs to be achieved here, and if you are not careful then you may end up wasting your own time and energy.





Your customers need to know that you have knowledge about the products you sell. You need to be informed enough to respond to a lot of inquiries, and your customers also need to know that they can come to you as well. If you offer advice that is far too technical then they won’t understand. If you offer advice that is too basic, then you risk not answering their questions properly. Again, there is a fine balance here and it is so important that you find one that works for you.


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Your team may know how to serve your customers and that is great, but they also need to know how to interact with them as well. Sometimes customers just want to chat about a product without feeling obligated to buy. They also want to find out information without being pushed into offers and incentives as well, so it is important that you train your employees so that they can provide a high level of customer interaction as well as just providing them with a service.


Hiring new Staff


If you feel as though there are some gaps in your customer service, then don’t be afraid of hiring a freelancer to try and fill in the gaps for you. You might also want to look into DSC Personnel as they can provide you with all of the skills you need without you having to spend hours going through everything.

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Last updated on October 18, 2019


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