How To Program Your Phone System


Communication is key and very few businesses would refute that fact. Without it how can you possibly expect to run your business at all, let alone effectively? Because of this, there is a lot of importance placed on your company’s phone system. Not only does the system need to be reliable but it also needs to be completely customizable as well. It must be tailored in order to suit your business so that it satisfies your communication requirements. Lastly, the best systems ensure your company operates to an optimum level. 

The way in which your phone system is programmed all depends on the type of phone system you have at your business. We’re going to walk you through a Panasonic phone system as an example later in this guide. However, every phone system is different. 

Benefits of Cloud-Based Programs

What a lot of people are doing today is looking for the best hosted PBX system for small business organizations. This is a telephone system that is available over the cloud. Cloud-based programs do not require complicated hardware. Nevertheless, you do still have to make sure it is programmed to suit your business. Nowadays the programming is a lot simpler, and often the company will do it for you.

If you purchase a physical phone system, you will need to program it. To give you an indication of how simple or complicated this is, we’re going to walk you through the programming of one Panasonic model. We’ll not name the model out of fairness to all brands! However, this can give you an insight into the steps entailed.

So, with the model we choose, there were two different programming methods available. You can go for either PC programming or PT programming. Let’s begin with the latter first. 

PT Programming

This allows an authorized administrator to set a broad selection of PBX parameters and features. In order to enter the system programming mode, you will require the system password. You can then use the PT’s dialing buttons in order to enter characters whenever you are storing a message or a name. For example, if you hit two twice you will get a capital ‘B’ or if you hit nine five times you will get a lowercase ‘w’. There are various different programming options you now have available to you. This includes everything from setting date and time, to setting system speed dialing numbers, to selecting the number of extension jack which the DSS Console is connected to. The manual for your hybrid phone system, in particular, will provide you with all of the key combinations for each option.

PC Programming

Finally, what about PC programming? If you wish to program your PBX via your personal computer then you will need to download the console for your PC. The program will start automatically. You will then have the option to choose between different software modes, such as initial mode and interactive mode. Once you have selected your required option you then have the capacity to make the necessary amendments. For example, interactive mode gives you the opportunity to directly edit the system data and any of the settings stored in the PBX’s memory from the BC. The results will be displayed in real-time.

This post can help you to get a better understanding of what happens when programming your phone system and what you should expect!


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