How To Free Up More Time In Your Business

How To Free Up More Time In Your Business

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Running a business nowadays may be somewhat easier than it was in the past, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s easy or that it doesn’t require dedication and commitment of time and money.


However, putting this theory into action is easier said than done. Many business owners simply find themselves a bit frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed out at the end of each day because they’re not really sure what they spent their time on and can’t seem to find the way forward.


To help you with that if you’re currently feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed in your business, we’re going to share some of our top time management hacks with you so that you can free up more time in your business and overcome the overwhelm.




Even if you’re not the most organized person in the world, you can still use a planner to manage your day and week more effectively, and to be honest, if you want to run a successful business, then it’s just something you’re going to have to discipline yourself for.


Whether you use a traditional pen and paper planning system or a digital one such as Google Calendar or Trello, it really doesn’t matter because it’s just about finding what works for you.


Each night before you switch off work for the day, you should sit and write down your plan for the following day. This makes your life so much easier because then you don’t start your day randomly focusing on things that don’t really need your attention.


Time block:


Time blocking is truly one of the best time management hacks out there and will really transform your life and business when you start using it. Essentially how this works is by allocating certain tasks to blocks of time each day or week, which then allows you to focus on that task and become more productive overall.


For example, you could block your admin duties to one hour each Friday afternoon, and you could block date night with your partner to every Wednesday. Of course, you have to time block according to your own life and schedule, but these are just examples of how it can work.




As a business owner, it can be hard to let go but if you want to grow and also free up some of your time to focus on other things, then you need to be able to acknowledge that you simply can’t do everything in the world and that outsourcing is going to be best overall.


Whether it’s outsourcing full on IT Management Solutions to a company or just someone to post your blog once a week, it’s not about the volume of what you’re outsourcing, but the tasks that you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at.


Use a timer:


Being strict with your time when you’re a business owner is one of the best skills you can ever learn, and a great way to really start with this is by using a timer. This can be used in conjunction with time blocking to really keep you focused as you work against the clock.


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