How to Encourage and Promote Teamwork in the Office

They say that teamwork makes the dream work, and this couldn’t be truer. If your team is not connected with one another this disconnect will most certainly hinder your business. You may even find that they do not work as efficiently as they could either, and this is the last thing that you need when you are working so hard to keep everything together.



Divide the Work


Believe it or not, teamwork doesn’t mean that everyone should do everything together. It means that everyone should be organized and that each team member has her own part to play. Strategize with your team to find out who wants to do what. You should delegate the tasks according to expertise and availability. A project manager will easily be able to help you with this if you are having some trouble. The main goal here is to have everyone do their own task while contributing to the bigger picture.


Ask for Help


Encouraging your team to ask for help is vital. They need to know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness and that people are willing to give them support when they need it. By doing this, you can increase the collaboration of your team while also making sure that no individuals are struggling.





If your team are working on individual tasks, then it helps to have meetings. This gives everyone the chance to update the team on where they stand, what they are doing right now and where the roadblocks are. Open communication helps your team to talk with one another, and offer support to those who are falling behind. By doing this, you can encourage a supportive atmosphere and keep the focus on teamwork.


A Common Goal


Your team should be working for a common goal. This could be meeting a deadline for website development or even trying to serve a certain number of clients before the week ends. Either way, all of your team needs to be aware of the end goal and they also need to be able to see the progress they are making. Hold meetings to rally the forces and keep reminding them that it is a team effort. This will encourage everyone to work together rather than focusing solely on their own projects, and it will also help communication as well.


Encourage Sharing


If the only time your team can share their progress is during meetings, then this could really hinder your progress. They need to be able to communicate with any member at any time, regardless of whether you are around or not. The best way for you to do this would be for you to develop a cloud system. If you want to find out more about that visit By giving your team the chance to share what they are doing at any stage of the project, they can stay updated and they can even handle any problems as they arise rather than waiting until the next meeting.


Last updated on February 4, 2019


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