A Brief Guide to Selling a Business


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If you’re thinking of selling your business, you’re in the right place, but remember, the process might take longer than you first imagined. To sell a business the right way and get the price you desire, you need to arrange the financials, organize the legalities, and launch at the right time. 

State the Reason 

Before you start the process of selling the business, you need to identify the reason for the sale; unless you have a solid reason for selling a business, such as retirement, switching industries, or personal reasons, new buyers view the opportunity as risky making it a trickier investment.

Whether you are selling the business through a broker or by yourself, you need to state the reason for the sale upfront. If the business is struggling, it’s better, to be honest about it and sell it as a going concern; you might be surprised by how much interest there is in a failing business.   

Time the Sale 

Time the sale of the business carefully to make sure there is a seamless transition from one owner to the next. Regardless of who owns the business, you need to maintain a uniform service to the customers; remember that the customers are part of the value of the business. 


If you sell the business too quickly, it doesn’t leave enough time to organize the new financial records and business structure; this can lead to delays and inefficiencies that affect the customer experience and the value of the business. A broker can help you time it correctly.  

Value the Business 

Chances are you have an idea of how much the business is worth, or you have an idea of how much you want from the sale of the business, but ideas are not always an effective measure of reality, so it’s worth bringing in a business appraiser to find out the true value of the business. 

A business appraiser is a third-party professional who can value the business according to its financial records, industry position, and current market value. Using an appraisal service allows you to get an accurate idea of the business value, helping you to secure a sale at the right price. 

Use a Broker 

If you want to sell your business and secure the best price for the company, it’s a sensible idea to use a business broker. A business broker can take command of the process and ensure you get eth best valuation and the best price for the business. They can also boost the asking price.

A broker service can keep the sale of your business quiet to prevent it from losing value on the market; when the time is right, a broker will launch the offer into the market with everything arranged, so you stand a better chance of securing the price you are aiming for more quickly. 

A broker service can help you arrange all the legal documents for the business, but if you intend to sell the business yourself, you will need a team to arrange the legal side of things. It’s best to hire a business lawyer to make sure that all the documents are present and correct for the sale.  

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