Four Ways To Protect Yourself In Life

4 Ways To Protect Yourself In Life

Lock and Key

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Protecting yourself is very important, and in this day and age it’s not just when you’re walking home on your own late at night that you need to have your wits about you, but there are other places you need to be on the ball too and protecting yourself as best you can. 



Today you can lose your life savings by someone in another country; they don’t even have to move, they can hack into your computer and take whatever they want. These crimes happen all the time now, so you do need to be aware. Use complex passwords for everything and don’t use the same ones. If you have easy passwords on everything, then they will be easy for someone to guess and once they have one, they have them all. Be careful not to click on email links or attachments you do not recognize and also avoid clicking on pop-up windows. Protect your computer by installing a piece of anti-virus software or a web application firewall.


In The Car

Experienced thieves need just a few seconds to start almost any car — but not one without power. Invest in a kill switch which can interrupt power to the engine, making it impossible to start a car until you disable it. Kill switches are not easy to install yourself, so if you don’t have the best wiring skills, we recommend that you see a mechanic. When you’re actually in the car, you can protect yourself against blame if you’re involved in a car accident and you can also prevent insurance fraud if you get yourself a dashcam. Check out Blackbox my car top dash cams to see which ones are the best to keep you protected in your car.


On The Phone

If anyone calls you who you don’t know, including salespeople, charities and even companies with whom you already do business, if you don’t want to speak to them, you don’t have to. These days many people don’t have home phones, and with email and other ways to contact you, there is no need for anyone to be calling you uninvited. However, if you do end up speaking to someone, then don’t give them any information. The best way to protect yourself is to tell them nothing. 



At Home

Protecting yourself at home should be simple enough, make sure you lock the doors as four out of every ten burglars enter through an unlocked door or window. Lock both at night or when you’re not in and if you do like having a breeze when you’re in bed then consider investing in windows that open a small amount but not enough for a burglar to slip through. These days it’s straightforward to get a smart home security system and be able to see who’s at your front door from your phone, however, if you don’t have this then you could install a motion sensor or other type of alarm. Self-installed systems are cheap to get, and while they don’t sound the alarm to police or a home security company, they will let you know if an intruder has breached a window, external door, or any other area that you have protected.


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