Wellness Anytime Through Technology

One of the things I love about my job as a Consultant is getting a front row seat at some great technology companies who focus on healthcare innovation. I especially love the partnerships I have with Michigan companies since I have lived in Michigan most of my adult life.
One of my newest discoveries is Health and Wellness Innovations, based in Ann Arbor. Health and Wellness Innovations offers a nationally recognized health management solution called Wellness Anytime Through Technology. WATT provides an online and mobile platform connecting patients to their healthcare team (physicians, care managers, clinical staff, dietitians, health educators etc.) along with self-management support tools, health resources, and reminders. The WATT solution also provides administrative features such as analytics and communication tools to health coaches and clinical care management teams.
The place where most wellness and care management technology solutions fail is in the clinical space. This solution allows for real-time monitoring and measuring of results as well as efficient communication between patients and clinicians. WATT enhances patient compliance and engagement, improves health outcomes, and facilitates workflow, making population health management more efficient and effective.
Lastly, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) recognizes care management as one of the significant components of primary care that contributes to reduced spending and better healthcare for individuals. Medicare pays separately under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for non face-to-face care coordination services provided to Medicare beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions. The WATT solution is a smart and easy way for physicians to generate revenue and bill for these services without adding overhead. Ask about Watt’s calculator to estimate the CMS revenue potential for your practice based on eligible patients per physician and annual revenue.

Key Benefits
• Highly scalable
• Updated clinical content for wellness and care management
• Engages patients in self-management
• Improves communication with clinical team
• Reduces operating burden for physicians
• Satisfies CMS requirement for face-to-face care coordination services

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